Hey Homeowners! What Drama Did You Deal with on Your Real Estate Hunt?

published Jan 12, 2017
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House hunting is a universally stressful, often emotional time. Even when it all works out in the end there’s going to be some drama along the way. We want to know what your house hunting drama was.

What’s your story about finding and buying your own home? What challenges came up for you in your search? We’re looking specifically for homeowners who worked with an accredited Realtor and who found that it was helpful in navigating the often-tricky house hunt!

We are working in cooperation with a brand to tell a short story on video about your search for a home: What difficulties were part of your hunt, and how did you overcome those obstacles in your way? How did your Realtor help you overcome them?

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If we choose to feature your story, we will give you $500 as a big “thank you” for participating. We’d send a photographer or videographer to your home to interview you and get house tour footage of your home so we can show the happy ending to your story.

To submit your story for consideration, please fill out the form below.

We’re excited to hear your story!