Hey, It’s Okay to Give Yourself A Break in the Morning

published Jun 16, 2014
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(Image credit: Nancy Mitchell)

In a perfect world, you’d hop out of bed each morning with a full eight hours under your belt, make the bed, home-brew yourself some fair trade coffee and consume a nutritious meal. So how many of us live in a perfect world? Bueller? In the spirit of giving ourselves a break (and inspired by the Kitchn’s wonderful new column, You’re Doing It Right), here are some things that are completely okay to do when you have one of those mornings. No guilt required!

Hey, it’s okay…

  • To hit the snooze once (or several times). Sometimes you need sleep more than a shower.
  • To leave that bed unmade. Your mother won’t see it, we promise.
  • To skip the gym. Sometimes just getting where you need to be in one piece feels pretty aerobic.
  • To recycle a cleanish outfit from your laundry bin. Good. Enough.
  • To let your kid leave the house wearing two different colored socks. Frankly, we’re impressed that you got clothes on him at all.
  • To buy yourself a nice latte and an egg sandwich instead of cooking. Your vacation fund isn’t going to explode if you splurge once in a while.
  • To put on deodorant in the car…
  • …or the subway.
  • To read Gawker instead of the Times. The news will be just as depressing tomorrow and at least you’ll know what Brangelina is up to.
  • To take off your coat before you enter your office so no one can tell you’re just getting in (yep, we learned that one from Bridget Jones).

But most of all, it’s okay to have a normal, non-Pinterest inspired, just getting to what you can when you can morning. You can always shower tomorrow.