Here’s Why a Bar Cart Belongs In Your Bedroom, According to an HGTV Star

updated May 4, 2021
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Credit: Lauren Kolyn

When it comes to many items in your home, it’s helpful to think outside the box. For example, vodka isn’t restricted to the kitchen or bar cart, but it can reside next to detergents and wool balls as a cleaning product in the laundry room. Speaking of a bar cart, that’s another object that an expert revealed has a genius purpose in an unexpected place: the bedroom.

Designer Tiffany Brooks hosts HGTV’s show “50K Three Ways,” where she helps homeowners allocate their $50,000 home renovation budget to projects that’ll make the most impact. In the premiere episode, she helps a couple who chooses between fixing up their bedroom, kitchen, living room, and/or dining room. While the bedroom isn’t what they end up focusing on, Brooks still mentions an interesting tip: using a bar cart to create a beverage station near bed. Have I ever wanted anything more?

“This idea is definitely for the people who want to retreat when they get home. I am definitely a retreater,” Brooks told Apartment Therapy. “Offering all the conveniences that my bedroom would have. Could you imagine, it’s like a mini hotel suite in your bedroom?” A bar cart is an easy way to make this dream a reality, with options at major retailers (Brooks recommends Target, Etsy, and Craigslist) that make it a click or shopping trip away.

And of course, beverages in the bedroom aren’t restricted to mocktails or cocktails: you can create a coffee bar and plug in a coffee machine, or put a mini fridge there to hold all your favorite juices and seltzer waters. You can make it entirely personalized to you and what helps you wind down for the night and/or jumpstart the day.

So whether you’re in the market to buy a bar cart or already have one sitting in your living room, think about rolling it into your bedroom and see how it feels. Who knows, you might find yourself never wanting to leave.