HGTV’s “Help! I Wrecked My House” Renovated This Cluttered Space Into a Baby-Ready Nursery

updated Sep 18, 2020
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Credit: HGTV

When you find out how much home renovation pros cost, you might think to yourself “Eh, I could save a lot of money and do this on my own.” But those who have actually done it would quickly tell you, ”Don’t do it!”

On the latest episode of HGTV’s show “Help! I Wrecked My House,” which is focused on fixing renovations that homeowners tried to tackle themselves, one couple cut it extremely close (as in, just four weeks) getting their house ready for their baby’s arrival. But luckily, host Jasmine Roth came to the rescue.

Jess and Rich purchased a house in Huntington Beach, CA, thinking it was their dream home, but then quickly came to realize it was far from perfect—a backed-up sewage system, no counter space and kitchen storage, electrical sockets sticking out and sometimes moving…you get the gist. Not only did the couple have to think about themselves, but their baby that was quickly on the way—and so Roth stepped in to tackle the project and help the very stressed couple out.

Credit: HGTV

The kitchen had its fair share of issues. Since it was closed off, they had little counter space to work with, and so Jess and Rich resorted to using a wooden cutting board over the sink as prep space when cooking. Also, they had no usable cabinets and drawers because they were falling apart.

Credit: HGTV

Roth made the space more of an open layout, complete with a large kitchen island with baby blue sides and white quartz countertops that matched the rest of the cabinet surfaces. Oh, and an extra surprise: on one of the island sides was a built-in bottle storage area, where Jess and Rich can line up the future baby’s containers. That plus all new kitchen appliances and white walls and, voila—the space felt brand new.

Speaking of the baby, the nursery wasn’t close to being finished when Roth started the home transformation (see the top photo for proof). Baby items and unopened boxes were everywhere, and the couple wanted to create a gender-neutral space but had no idea where to start. Not to mention there were some serious safety hazards, especially the loose and missing electrical sockets that were a disaster waiting to happen.

Credit: HGTV

Roth painted the walls a soft gray and, for one of the walls, sketched a geometric gold design that added some subtle flair to the room. She filled the nursery with wooden furniture that kept things simple and minimal.

The renovation was completed just three days before the baby was due, leaving Jess and Rich ready (and less stressed) to welcome their new family member into world. Happy ending, indeed.

Help! I Wrecked My House airs Saturdays at 8/7 central on HGTV.