6 Post-Breakup Redecorating Tips I Learned From HGTV’s ‘Unspouse My House’

updated Aug 7, 2019
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We can all agree that breakups suck. On top of doing a social media purge and mourning the relationship, you’re surrounded by reminders of your past life together in your own space. Whether you lived together or just spent time a lot of time over at each other’s places, your home probably holds a lot of memories. This is where designer and self-proclaimed breakup expert Orlando Soria comes in.

On his new HGTV show “Unspouse My House,” Soria swoops in to help freshly single folks renovate their space to create a fresh start. After all, redesigning your space is basically redesigning your future, right? As we watched, we gathered some tips along the way—whether you’re dealing with a breakup or you just need something new.

Credit: Courtesy of HGTV

Here are some of Soria’s top tips for giving your space a fresh, independent feel.

Tip 1: Donate big pieces that remind you of your ex

These pieces are holding physical and emotional space in your home that can trigger memories with your ex. By donating the item instead of destroying it (like you might be tempted to do), you’re able to remove that furniture and allow it to serve a new purpose in someone else’s home.

Tip 2: Splurge on that thing you’ve always wanted

In a perfect world, you and your ex would have had the exact same vision for the space. In reality, however, that probably wasn’t the case. Pulling the trigger on that mid-century coffee table your ex thought was too bland is the perfect way to establish your new independence. You don’t need to ask their opinion anymore so go ahead and fill the space up in a way you’ve always imagined. 

Tip 3: Reclaim their space

You know, the TV room in the basement, or the home office that was supposed to be ours but ended up theirs. Now is your time to take it all back: Don’t just move your stuff into it but completely transform it. In the premiere episode, Soria took his client’s garage-turned-mancave and transformed it into a functional kids playroom. This gave the garage a total facelift and new energy.

Tip 4: Hone in on the rooms that really need a fresh feel

Let’s be real, home makeovers are expensive. They’re basically always budget-busting, time consuming, and insanely overwhelming. When healing a broken heart, small, achievable projects can help as reminders of progress being made. So, focus on one space that needs a new feel instead of the whole house. My pick? The bedroom. No one wants the ghosts of partners past hanging around while they try to move on. 

Tip 5: Use this reno time to take inventory of what you own

There’s no better time for a purge. During the show, Orlando had a client who found her wedding shoes and wanted to burn them for cleansing purposes. To me this makes total sense, but you might be thinking “uhhh she’s crazy!” Either way, find the disposal method that works for you. Donate, burn, throw out, hide away: whatever feels best for you to get them out of site and out of mind.

Bonus Tip: Celebrate the space!

This whole process can be emotionally draining, so invite over your nearest and dearest to celebrate how far you’ve come. This is a great way to christen the space with some good vibes while also thanking everyone who’s been there for you in your time of need. Trust, you’ll totally thank us for that.