Tips For Setting Up An All Glass Desk

Tips For Setting Up An All Glass Desk

Range Govindan
Nov 30, 2011

Selecting a glass desk for your workstation invites both pros and cons. While they can look great with their transparent, open space presence, the flipside is everything is exposed. Without planning, all those cables and wires you can usually hide with a solid desk becomes a visual eyesore, but there are a few techniques and accessories which can outfit your glasstop desk for both utility and aesthetics...

Consider Frosted
If you've decided to choose a glass desk, we recommend getting one that's not completely transparent. There are a few different reasons why you should do this but needless to say, if you've got the choice between a completely transparent glass desk and a frosted one, go for the frosted desk.

1. Hiding Wires: While frosted glass desks are still somewhat see-through, they do offer some respite. They are also easier to manage when it comes to hiding your wires.

2.Lighting: Frosted glass desks also allow you to get more creative with lighting solutions. You can easily position a few lamps underneath your desk. Once they are lit, they will give off a nice diffuse glow. Jared's setup uses table lamps to get this effect instead of using LED light strips.

Cable Management
Depending on where your desk is located, you might have to get creative when it comes time to manage your cables. Opaque desks give you a lot of different options, but see-through, or even partly transparent desks, need to feature elegant ways of managing your cables.

3. Faux-Wall: You can always try to create a faux-wall behind which you can hide all of your wires. This option might seem extreme, but it's pretty easy to complete. You'll need to cut a piece of plywood in the dimensions that you want and paint it the same color as your wall. This usually suffices to hide the partition from view, and allows you hide your mess. With a glass desk, you'll probably have to add some pieces of wood to the ends to complete the box so that everything remains obfuscated.

4. SOTO Rails: Unlike some of the more generic organizers, like the ones from IKEA, SOTO rails from Steelcase will look quite fetching under your glass desk. They are finished in metal, so they'll match your desk. There are a few different options for shelving and cable managements. All of them will look distinctive in your home office.

5. Floating Shelves: Glass desk workstations tend to have an airy feel to them, which can be stifled when you put them next to large bookcases. In order to prevent this, your best bet is to utilize floating shelves. These shelves won't support as much weight as their non-floating counterparts, but they will heighten the overall quality and look of your office. If you've got high ceilings, nothing stops you from positioning floating shelves up to the ceiling, for storage purposes.

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