Speakers That Are Heard & Not Seen

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Sometimes you just want your stuff to fade into the background. Speakers are a great example. You don’t want the at-home equivalent of carrying a boombox on your shoulder do you? With the right tech every room of your house becomes a subtle listening environment.

1. Sonos Play:3 ($299)
The Sonos Play:3 is the perfect size to slip into a shelf and not be seen. It works well in an office, library or anywhere it can squeeze into. To maintain the hidden illusion it’s also controlled wirelessly through your phone or tablet, so there’s no need to reveal it. And of course despite its size it still has the usual Sonos sound quality and streaming functionality. Of course if you really want to hide speakers on your shelf there are the book speakers.

2. ArtCoustic ($800+)
Guess where the speakers are in this picture? They are the pictures. If you’ve got the cash, Artcoustic will make your speakers into works of art. The Artcoustic line comes in all kinds of sizes from slim sound bars to large frames and produce high-end sound. Of course that means a high-end price, but they sure are subtle. If you’d rather have a room divider as a speaker, however, try Diptyque.

3. Planter Speakers ($69.24)
We always see those rock speakers at outdoor parties and they stick out like a sore thumb. Clearly more plastic than rock, they don’t hold a candle to these planter speakers. We like this pair in particular because they have a built in drainage tube, ensuring your woofer doesn’t get wet, and 360 degree sound coverage. While we wish they came in terra cotta instead of plastic, they certainly are more reasonable in price because of it.

4. Hidden Radio ($119)
We like this kickstarter project radio for it’s intuitive design (just turn to reveal more . Because of its diminutive size (and perhaps because it looks like a bar of deodorant) we’d love to have this in our bathroom. Counter space is almost always at a premium so sneaking this in there, or amongst the fancy bath stuff on the edge of your tub, gives the perfect opportunity to pump in some spa sounds. Or just crank the toto.

5. Moonlight Speakers (Contact for Quote)
These Moonlight speakers produce 360 degree sound and light in almost any color you choose. They’re also constructed for indoor or outdoor use, so they make another excellent sound-rock replacement. We like how they can be placed on the ground, hung from the ceiling or attached to a wall.

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