Hidden-Around-The-House Valentines

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

I like Valentine’s Day gestures of the sweet and silly variety, and love the idea of hiding love messages around the house, not knowing when (or even if) they’ll be found or noticed. Like a Missed Connection playing out in your very own home!

  • The Curiosity Shoppe on Valencia sells these sweet tags made by Tamara Shopsin. You secretly sew a “The Best” tag into an article of your loved one’s clothing before sneaking it back into their closet or drawer. Bonus points if you can accurately predict which article of clothing they’ll choose to wear on Valentine’s Day!
  • In a similar vein, my friend used to randomly Bedazzle her partner’s clothing & possessions. Friends & coworkers would point out a jewel she’d secretly adhered to the back of his shirt, his bath towel, a pillowcase, the cuff of his pants…. What more do most of us want than a tiny reminder that we’re loved?
  • The free downloadable produce stickers by Twig & Thistle are Valentine’s corniness at its finest, puns and all. If your love eats a banana or apple (or orange or pear) every single day, there’s a good chance they’ll happen upon your little love message. I use a lemon everyday on my giant salad…what would a lovey-dovey lemon message be?
  • My favorite will-it-or-won’t-it-be-found Valentine idea comes from the always-thinkin’ Jordan Ferney of Oh Happy Day. She put a red helium balloon on a very long string, tied it to a box of treats for her husband, and let the balloon float within view of his 2nd-story office. She called to let him know it was for him, and he ran down to the sidewalk to claim his gift. I think I would omit the box and the phonecall, and simply arrange for balloons to be floating in places where they might happen to be seen. If your love likes to stare out the window over her morning coffee, sneak out early to tie a balloon to a parking meter. My kitchen has a tiny window just above the sink- a cheerfully-hovering balloon would certainly perk up dish-doing time…

Images: Tag by Curiosity Shoppe, Apple by Twig & Thistle via Design*Sponge, Bedazzler by Random Twinkles, Red Balloon by Snapco

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