Hiding Laundry in a Small Home

Hiding Laundry in a Small Home

Colleen Quinn
Apr 7, 2010

For various work-related reasons, my husband and I don't actually live together at the moment- I'm in DC and he is currently in Iowa. When he was stationed in Florida, I traveled down frequently because I had more vacation time and our house down there was much bigger. Now that he is retired, he is spending more time in DC, which has led to some interesting mishaps as he tries to adjust to small space living.

One such episode of culture shock came when he discovered (just a couple of moments too late) exactly where I store my laundry…

He of course is used to having his own laundry room where dirty clothes can live until he decides to run a load. He does small loads of laundry regularly so there is rarely a full hamper. I have shared laundry facilities in the basement with industrial machines that use the same amount of water no matter the size of the load, so I tend to wait until I can fill the machine to do my laundry in order to reduce my water waste. Since the machines are pretty big, this means I generally have a huge pile of laundry in my basket when it gets close to laundry day.

Because I hate looking at that pile, I store my laundry basket and dirty clothes in my bathtub- out of sight and out of mind, except of course when I have to move it before my morning shower. Apparently I never bothered to share this laundry plan with my husband who called me at work the first morning of his visit to ask what he should do with the huge basket of wet clothes in the bathtub. It seems he is a person who reaches in to turn on the water before he pulls back the shower curtain in order to let the temperature get just right before he steps in the shower- thus explaining why the basket of clothes was soaking wet.

We both laughed, and he got to experience the joys of communal laundry by himself that morning, but he still thinks my habit of hiding the laundry in the bathtub is bizarre. So I ask you, readers who live in small spaces- without a dedicated laundry room of your own, where do you store your laundry until laundry day? Am I the only person hiding laundry in the bathtub? Inquiring minds want to know...

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