Sanity Saver: Wearing Headphones At Home

Sanity Saver: Wearing Headphones At Home

Tess Wilson
Aug 8, 2012

A couple of birthdays ago, a dear friend gave me a pair of awesome headphones — a sweet and completely unexpected gift. Though the pair has been perfect for watching movies on planes and watching the Food Network at the gym, they really shine at home, gaining me some precious peace & quiet…

Two sets of my neighbors are quite quiet, but the other two are anything but. Though my building has anti-noise rules, they just state that there can't be loud music after 10pm or before 7am. The after-10pm aspect is definitely not enforced, but the real problem is the annoyance factor. There's no rule saying you can't play the same song 7 times in a row, or play the same half-dozen songs over & over every weekend night for 5 years, but your neighbor will definitely lose her mind if you do. For a long time, I would hide out in my slightly quieter bedroom/kitchen every night, but if there's one thing more annoying than paying San Francisco rent for a tiny apartment, it's only being able to use half of your tiny apartment.

And that's where headphones come in! I'm so glad I was given a pair, because it probably wouldn't have occurred to me to buy any, nor would I have known where to start. As it is, as soon as my neighbor-frustration starts to rise, it is quickly replaced by happy thoughts of my friend's thoughtfulness. And "Hips Don't Lie"-on-repeat is replaced by the sweet sounds of Chuck Bass' scheming.

Wearing headphones around the house still seems a bit ridiculous to me — I shouldn't have to — but oh, it makes my homelife so much happier. Have you ever had to do the same?

(Image: Re(al)view: Rockin' RP-HTX7 Headphones from Panasonic)

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