Hierarchy of Modular Storage by 5.5 Design

Hierarchy of Modular Storage by 5.5 Design

Aaron Able
Jul 20, 2009

I love modular storage and find these images very inspirational — French design collective 5.5 Design has reinterpreted Abraham Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs with their highly conceptual modular storage furniture...

The five storage drawers correspond to the five levels of Maslow's heirarchy of needs (yes, I had to look it up). The largest drawer corresponds to one's physiological needs like shelter, clothing, food, etc. The next drawer represents safety: personal security, financial security and health. The middle drawer represents social needs: friendship and intimacy. The fourth drawer represents self-respect and esteem. And the smallest drawer represents the idea of self-actualization

5.5 Design have turned Maslow's psychology and his pyramid on its head and invite the users of their modular furniture to do the same:

However, in our new world dictated above all by the membership of virtual networks and the accession to fast money, Maslow's hierarchy of our needs does not function. It is indeed possible to appease a need of a higher nature before to have even achieved that of the lower row. Some will prefer to buy the last mobile phone before even ensuring their housing. Priorities and needs evolve and those which are supposed to stabilize our rise are not therefore the assets. That is why we've decided to explode the hierarchy pyramid and to release furniture to make it possible to each one to create its own model of life and consequently its own system of storage. We all have different way of living and our material environment that comes from it is individual.

Too deep for you? It's a stretch, but the resulting furniture is inspirational in its use of repetition and harmony in color. Enjoy! For even more images, see the 5.5 Design site.

Via: Design Klub.

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