High Gas Bill, Hi Clothesline!

High Gas Bill, Hi Clothesline!

Grace Shu
Mar 14, 2008

After receiving my gas bill last month, I nearly passed out when I saw the payment due amount. It was bad. So bad that I called up the gas company and asked them to re-read the meters and verify the amount...twice. So, these past few weeks, I've been skipping the dryer and doing it old school: clotheslines.

[ Photo by Sara Remington for the New York Times ]

It sounds idyllic, doesn't it? Like a Tide commercial, with wonderfully bright white sheets fluttering softly in the wind in slow motion. Well, it is in some ways: my laundry smelled naturally fresh, not perfumed by a dryer sheet. The whites were bleached by the sun. And my gas bill has gone down (yay)!

However, not everyone is a fan. A few days ago, I received a note from a neighbor the next street over who complained that my backyard clothesline was a weekly eyesore from their second floor windows. I don't know what bothers me more: the fact that my neighbors are complaining about what's in my backyard once a week for an afternoon; or the possibility of getting another sky high gas bill. Thank goodness that spring is right around the corner...

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