High, Low, and DIY: The Uber-Romantic Canopy Bed

So after our post about The Young Victoria, and with Valentine’s Day coming up, we’ve been dreaming of super-romantic bedrooms, and specifically that most romantic of furnishings, the canopy bed. In the movie, Victoria has a doozy of a bed, complete with gold-leaf and brocade drapes. We found some (slightly) more realistic options.

The very notion of a canopy bed, which provides yet another layer of intimate privacy within the most private space in the house, is in itself romantic. At the highest end, there are antiques and hand-carved beds; simpler canopies in the mid-to-low price range can be dressed up with gauze or fabric drapes. And then there are various DIY options for creating a canopy over your bed without investing in the bed itself. Check these out:

1 Your very own Garden of Eden: This crazy apple tree canopy bed is by Attila Design on Etsy. It’s handmade, of course, and is priced at $9,600.
2 The Valois Canopy Bed, with its Venetian-style antiqued mirror panels, goes for a whopping $19,330 from Niermann Weeks.
3 This gorgeous hand-carved, handpainted bed from Alexander Westerhoff on 1st Dibs, will run you $9,800.
4 And dialing it back several notches on the price spectrum… the Antonia Canopy Bed from Pottery Barn is simple, but can be gussied up for romance with well-chosen fabric. Starts at $1,299 for a full.
5 The Contour Bed, a cheaper option from Target, has some nice wrought-iron detail that gives it a touch of extra romance.

6 For a DIY option, consider running curtain rails along the ceiling around your bed. This creates a dramatic canopied look, and there’s no need to move beyond your basic bed frame or headboard. A matching bedskirt gives it just the right amount of polish. Photo from Domino, via Elements of Style.
7 A mosquito net is super cheap and always good for evoking that exotic, romantic energy, especially when paired with a gold-leaf upholstered headboard, like this India Hicks bedroom from Vogue (via Patricia Gray).
8 This helpful diagram from Elements of Style shows a simple method for draping a canopy using just a couple of ceiling-mounted curtain rods. With a gauzy fabric, or a brocade with some sumptuous tasseled trim, this could be perfect for an easy romantic look.

Do you have stories of your DIY canopy bed? Please share!

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