27 iPad Stands For Every Budget

27 iPad Stands For Every Budget

Jason Yang
Nov 22, 2011

After spending a weekend on vacation with a borrowed iPad, we've come to realize that these beasts are quite heavy (especially the original). Being used to propping up our iPhone for hours on end, the tablet version eagerly reminded us to hit the gym and became uncomfortable after only a few minutes. We've come to the realization that the gym probably won't happen very often, so it's off to find stands and mounts to do the job for our lazy butts. Check out all the iPad stands we found, from as low as $0.67 to as high as $130, as well as FREE and amazing DIY creations.

$0.69: The $0.69 iPad Stand

$2.97: The $2.97 iPad Stand

~$9.50: €4 Wooden iPad Stand Provides a Cheap Analog Alternative

$29.95: Lazy Lounger for iPads and eReaders

$35: Block22 Is Your Eco-Friendly iPad Stand Option

$20: Best iPad & Tablet Stand: Two Viewing Angles & Solid Wood (re-nest)

$39.95: The Best iPad Stand (Thus Far): Twelve South Compass

$39.99: BookArc iPad Stand

$40: Easily Use Your iPad In The Kitchen With 3D Printed Stand

$49.99: Griffin A-Frame iPad Stand

$55: Looking for a Proper Stand for Cooking iPads

$59: @Rest for the iPad by Heckler Design Unplggd Test Lab

$60: Turn On or Turn Off? I-Log iPad Stand

$79-$89: Neuno Tablet Stands Are Angled for Display

$129: Joule iPad Stand

Roundup: Crazy Looking iPad Stands

$?: Final Frame: From Cutting Board Into iPad Stand

$?: Elecom Nendo "Jaguchi" iPhone & iPad Stand

DIY: 100 Percent Free iPad Stand

DIY: Trish's Simple and Perfect iPad Stand

DIY: A Kid Makes Another Cheap iPad Stand

DIY: Great iPad Stand Made From Panavise & Sugru

DIY: Retro Classic Macintosh iPad Stand Oozes Style

DIY: The 30-Second Coat Hanger iPad Stand

DIY: The "Write" Way to Stand Up Your iPad: Pencil iPad Stand

DIY: The Most Inexpensive iPad Stand Of Them All Flickr Find

DIY: DIY LEGO iPad Stand (Flickr Find)

DIY: Be Thrifty & Turn Take-Out Into an iPad Stand

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