High & Low: Kithaus Lounge Package

High & Low: Kithaus Lounge Package

Gregory Han
Aug 25, 2008

We love prefabs, but prefabs don't seem to be returning the love quite yet, mostly because they're still out of the realm of affordability. But like our fav Journey tune reminds us, we've never stopped believing in the concept of prefab living and always keep an eye out for the Dwell-tastic concepts that come out each year just in case we discover we're Warren Buffet's favourite secret distant cousin. Design Within Reach is now supplementing their favourite prefab Kithaus with furnishing packages that got us wondering if we could take their pie-in-the-sky $12,459 Kithaus Lounge Package (reduced from $14,670, mind you), and bring it back into the realm of realistic for a middle class budget...

So here's a comparison of what we were able to hunt down in an attempt to best duplicate the aesthetic of the Kithaus Lounge Package if you wanted to get decorating over all at once in one big splurge (and we stress the word "splurge", since we can't afford either package):

  • 2 Tripolina Chair $860 vs. 2 eBay Roped lounge chairs (estimated) $500 We'll quickly mention these eBay chairs are an estimated value, since the auction hasn't ended and the reserve price hasn't been met. If you wanted to really go budget, but retain the Tripolina's light folding form factor, you could go with these Khaki butterfly chairs for $50 for 2 and save a whole lot more.
  • 2 Tall Gratia Planter Box $1360 vs. 2 California Art Products Co. 36"x12"x12" planters $370 These come in white, but could easily be painted to whatever colour you'd prefer; various other sizes and shapes available.

  • 4 Luau Portable Lamps $500 vs 4 LED Sun Jars $140
    We actually recommend you consider the DWR option, as they've heavily discounted the Luau lamps by 50%. But a conceivable budget enviro-friendly option are these LED sun jars for mood lighting.

  • 2 Glo-Ball Mini T Table Lamp $288 vs. 2 Himalayan Salt Crystal Globe Lamps $120
    Similar shape and size, but the salt crystals throw in an added air purifying feature for half the price.

  • 1 Giulia Credenza $4,000 vs. 1 West Elm Modern Storage Console $600
    The West Elm option is if you want something new, but our personal preference is to scour garage sales, curbside throwaways, eBay and the Pasadena RoseBowl Flea Market for midcentury options for possible bargains.

  • 1 Platner Side Table $662 vs. 1 CB2 Tornado Side Table $70
    Love the Platner, but the CB2 knockoff results in a similar effect for nearly 10% of the original's cost so you won't hesitate spray painting it to whatever colour suits your whims.

  • 1 Chilewich Bound Mat, 6x9 in titanium $600 vs. 1 Overstock Tatami Area Rug, 5'3 x 7'7 $93
    Chilewich plynyl rugs look sophisticated and soothing to our feet. Unfortunately, they don't look quite as hospitable to our bank account, so we'd settle for these tatami-style jute rugs that capture a similar feel (though likely not the tactile quality).

  • 1 Tolomeo Mega Floor Lamp $650 vs. 1 Lamps Plus Architect Satin Steel Floor Lamp $180
    Lamps Plus is filled with designer-inspired lighting options like this satin steel floor lamp that shares the Tolomeo's lampshade-style shape for quite a bit less.

  • 2 Flight Recliners in morel $4,600 vs. 2 Crate and Barrel Tracy Recliners $1800
    Of all the pieces, these were the hardest to find affordable and aesthetically pleasing options for. The Flight Recliners are the sort of furniture pieces you'd likely never regret splurging on one day, but at $2300, they're in the daydream/lottery winner realm for most of us. The Crate and Barrel Tracy Recliner is similar in form and function to the Flight Recliner, though nowhere as desirable.

Total: $12,459.50 vs. $3873

So there you go...for a tad bit under $4,000 (and a lot less if you're patient enough to hunt down cheaper eBay, Craigslist, warehouse sales or garage sale options), you could furnish a whole living room in similar fashion to the well-heeled Kithaus Lounge Package selection. Only if we could do the same for land prices here in Los Angeles without relocated to Hemet.

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