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High to Low: 8 Clever Ways to Transform the Inside of Your Drawers

updated Jul 17, 2020
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(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

So a kitchen remodel isn’t in the cards. No problem. If you can’t have the drawers you want, you have to love the drawers you’ve got. Give them an inner makeover with shiny new organizers (or crafty, repurposed ones).

Pegboard Dividers

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A pegboard cut down to size and fitted with long dowels could be used to keep dishes sorted just like the (probably custom) peg drawer in Martha Stewart’s kitchen, above.

(Image credit: Better Homes & Gardens)

Vertical Cutlery Storage

If the drawer is deep enough, you need to think tall, like this drawer from Better Homes & Gardens. Sorting silverware like this could literally double the amount you can store.

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Diagonal Dividers

Another angular option that instantly adds space? Diagonal drawer dividers, like this one from Diamond Cabinets. An insert like this gives you lots of different sized cubbies to store all your gear.

(Image credit: Max Kim-Bee)

Knife Block Inserts

These enviable drawers from Elle Decor via Country Living can be custom-made or you can buy a knife-block insert to make it happen.

(Image credit: Better Homes & Gardens)

Spice Rack Inserts

You can also buy spice rack inserts for drawers, or make your own, like these wedge-shaped pieces in this drawer from Better Homes & Gardens.

(Image credit: I Heart Organizing)

DIY Dentil Molding Dividers

You can bBuy dentil molding cheaply at a home store and, with a few pieces of acrylic or another material cut to size, have a great-looking adjustable divider for any of your drawers at home. The tutorial is over at I Heart Organizing.

(Image credit: Better Homes & Gardens)

Tension Rod Dividers

Better Homes & Gardens shows us that all you might need to keep a drawer sorted is a pair of tension rods.

(Image credit: Levi Brown)

Shoebox Organizers

If nothing else, you can at least make use of shoeboxes or whatever other cardboard boxes you have at home to sort out your clothes or kitchen drawers, like here on Real Simple.