High-Tech Hopsctotch

High-Tech Hopsctotch

Taryn Williford
Jan 16, 2009

Does anybody else share my fond memories of chalking up the sidewalk outside your house on Saturday mornings? All the neighborhood kids would get together and draw pictures and play four-square and hopscotch. But the lives of kids today have gotten a lot more high-tech. They've got motion-sensing Wii's and touch-screen Nintendo DS's to play with, so you know regular chalk just ain't gonna do for their Saturday sidewalk olympics. They'll soon have the Dream Beam, a device that projects the game board for them...

Designer Hye-Lim Jeon created the Dream Beam, a device that projects the all too familiar four-squares and hopscotch courts onto a flat surface without the mess of chalk.

While we loved playing with chalk as a kid, and we realize that the Dream Beam doesn't let you draw kick-ass pictures of rainbows like the old-fashioned stuff, it sure does make a game of hopscotch a little more exciting, no?

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