(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

One man and a large format camera. Our office is on Franklin Street so we are regulars at Franklin Street Station, a lovely French Malaysian Bistro, which shows slide shows of local artists work in the evenings. The latest slideshow to catch our eye is of Hirotaka Kasuga’s black and white landscape photographs (we sat in the restaurant until his name came up at the end of the slideshow).

Hirotaka was born in Japan and has worked for 32 years in IT systems analysis all over the world.

We particularly like his photographs of the ocean off of Long Island (above), radio towers in Utah, and Century Plants in the Southwest (last two not on website).

Due to his travels he began taking pictures, and it seems that he may have retired to take pictures full time, since his website says he moved to New Mexico last summer. He uses a large format camera and then digitally scans the negative, printing directly to paper. Limited edition prints start at $500. Looking at his photos, we wan’t to travel too. MGR

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