Historic Paul Thiry Home For Sale For $1

In the face of impending development of the lot that it sits upon, this historic home designed by Paul Thiry, the “father of Northwest modernism,” risks demolition unless someone comes forth to claim it for $1. That’s right, $1! Although it’s not that easy…it has to be moved. Have some waterfront property that needs a house? Take a closer look.

Built in 1962, at the time of the Seattle World’s Fair, this iconic five-bedroom home is in need of relocation. The trouble is that it is 70 feet long, 32 feet wide (with an additional 12 feet of eaves), and weights about 200 tons. Relocating the home to another site in the Puget Sound alone would rack up a $240,000 price tag.

Preservationists, architects, and the current owners are all striving to find a new owner, to preserve this home full of beautiful mid-century details. “There was a feeling in the 1950s of unlimited optimism for the future. People were trying new ideas,” realtor Tom Holst tells the Seattle Times. This is evident in the beautiful, sculptural qualities of the home and all of its details.

Take a look at a large gallery of images at The Seattle Times, and read more about this historic home. Maybe someone will end up with an iconic home for a dollar!

(Images: Alan Berner/The Seattle Times)