How To Make Faux Mercury Glass

How To Make Faux Mercury Glass

Jason Loper
Jul 26, 2011

Mercury glass vases can be so lovely, especially when, as shown in the image above, they are paired with candles. As a die-hard DIY-er, I was excited to stumble upon a method for making my own mercury glass …

I have a little collection of clear vases that I've amassed from flower deliveries and, thanks to Anna over at Take the Side Street, now I have this project to help dress them up (and possibly even re-gift). All it takes is a can of Krylon Lookinglass spray paint, a spray bottle of a 50/50 vinegar/water mixture, and a few paper towels.

First, spray the inside of the vases with the lookingglass spray paint. Anna suggests that, because the lookinglass paint is very thin and runs easily, doing this in small bursts, applying several very thin coats. Anna applied five thin coats to the inside of her vases, letting them dry for a minute or two between coats. After the vases were completely covered (and oh so shiny!), Anna got to work distressing them. This is the fun part!

To create the distressed look, Anna sprayed a half and half mixture of vinegar and water inside the vases. As you can see in the above photo, Anna sprayed just enough of the vinegar mixture to cover the surfaces in little beads. After letting the vinegar mixture sit for approximately twenty seconds, Anna dampened a paper towel with more of the mixture and then rubbed the the insides of the vases. The vinegar mixture had softened the paint and, as she wiped, little bits of it peeled away. After achieving a worn look on the vases, Anna gave them all one last spray of lookingglass paint so that the clear spots weren't completely bar. Then, to top it all off, Anna sprayed the inside of the vases with a clear protective coat.

I love that this project is a quick and easy way to re-use otherwise ho-hum clear glass containers.

Check out the full post on Anna's blog: Take the Side Street: Faux Mercury Glass Tutorial.

Images: Take the Side Street

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