How To: Sleep with a Streetlamp Outside Your Bedroom Window

updated May 8, 2019
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Here’s a dilemma that many folks living in apartments share. If you like to wake up to a bright bedroom with sunlight streaming in, but your bedroom window has a streetlamp just outside, what do you do? If you use blackout blinds, your room stays dark in the morning — however if you leave the blinds open at night, you’ll never get any sleep. We’ll share what our neighbors in our last home did…

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We got so frustrated at the glaring streetlight outside the bedroom window of our last home we almost went outside with a brick and shattered it. Accidentally, of course. Then, just as we were moving out, our neighbors shared with us that they solved the issue with — motorized blinds and a timer.

We had never heard of programmable timers you could attach to blinds, but when we saw their setup we wished we had thought of it earlier. Our neighbors simply set the timer to 5am when they were asleep enough not to hear (or care), and the blinds were automatically pulled up for sun-up. Finally they could sleep in a dark room yet gently wake to the rising sun.

While the pricetag wasn’t cheap (just around $300 for their window), we would have gladly paid any price for a decent sleep. AT readers, if you’ve got a streetlight out your bedroom window, how do you deal with this problem? sells many blinds, timers and a sun sensor

Hunter-Douglas also has info on their site and a toll-free Customer Support number

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