Hoarding: Buried Alive

Hoarding: Buried Alive

Annie Werbler
Jun 8, 2010

We've loved discussing the A&E TV show Hoarders, and want to bring to your attention a similar program on TLC called Hoarding: Buried Alive.

The two shows are almost identical on the surface. They each follow one or several subjects who have lost the ability to resist acquiring and retaining items. Their homes are unlivable, and they are in jeopardy of losing their properties, careers, families, or a combination of these things.

Hoarding: Buried Alive offers no professional cleanup crew, and there is no two-day turnover. All the help involved comes from a dedicated psychotherapist and any of the subjects' friends and family members. The focus is on exploring the therapy given to the subjects, and not necessarily creating shiny interiors at the end of the program.

Because of the greater focus on the individual and not the disorder, Hoarding: Buried Alive feels a bit more empathetic than Hoarders. But the latter succeeds with excellent production values, and an unmatched editing team that knows how to create exciting hour-long slivers of reality TV. It gets into graphic detail about how disturbing hoarders' living situations can be, and how erratic their behavior becomes as a result.

Which program do you prefer?

Do You Watch Hoarders?

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