The Sleek $70 Storage Solution That Instantly Decluttered My Entryway (It Fits 15 Pairs of Shoes!)

published Jul 27, 2023
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Credit: Jason Rampe

For the past year, I’ve been dealing with an entryway filled with shoes and coats draped over my LG CordZero vacuum. It’s not been ideal, to say the least. It’s not that I didn’t have a shoe rack, it’s that the shoes would not stay put on it. They’d fall through the two bars, and my boyfriend and I would have to take shoes off an entire row to reach the fallen sneaker or sandal. I felt like a kid living in a dorm instead of someone who has lived in NYC for nearly nine years.

I decided it was time for an upgrade. I searched Amazon high and low for an entryway rack with at least four rows for shoes (otherwise both my boyfriend’s shoes and mine would not fit), a place to hang coats, and a shelf to put purses, backpacks, and helmets. As I was hunting, this was starting to seem like something that didn’t exist (or if it did, it was $200), but then I stumbled upon the Hoctieon 5-Tier Freestanding Coat Rack with Adjustable Mesh Slant, which had everything on my checklist.

What is the Hoctieon 5-Tier Freestanding Coat Rack?

The Hoctieon 5-Tier Freestanding Coat Rack is a budget-friendly entryway organizer that can be found on Amazon. It comes in pieces, so it must be assembled, and it does require a screwdriver. Its dimensions are 30″ x 11″ x 71″. It has three and a half slanted tiers for shoes, a narrow wooden shelf, and five adjustable coat hooks.

Credit: Alicia Kort.

Why I Love the Hoctieon 5-Tier Freestanding Coat Rack

I’m obsessed with how tidy this coat rack has made my apartment. We have room for 15 pairs of shoes total (I stack sandals and flats on top of each other sometimes), including sneakers, sandals, heels, and ballet flats. I do actually like the half-tier because, in the winter, we can store boots there and not worry about folding them over on a cramped shoe rack.

I also love that we have a shelf for purses and backpacks. Prior to owning this coat rack, we had just been shoving them onto our table or underneath it. It looked sloppy and cluttered up our apartment. But the best news is that my LG vac is not drowning under a bunch of coats.

My only note is that it did take me a bit to understand the directions. Certain pieces need to be facing specific ways, so I would take the time to make sure everything is correctly placed, otherwise, you will have to rebuild your shoe rack (like I did). It took me about an hour to build, but it probably would have taken 30 minutes if I had not misinterpreted the directions.

Overall, this is a great addition to my small space and I will be singing its praises for years to come (especially because it’s only $70!).