15 Fire Pits & Chimineas (For Every Budget!) to Keep You Outside Longer

updated Jul 15, 2020
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(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Do not go gently into that good (cold, fall) night. Soak up every last drop of warmth left in the air instead by decking out your backyard with a fire pit/bowl or chiminea. Remember, the fun doesn’t have to stop when temps drop from sweltering to pass-me-that-blanket chilly. Stay outside (and warm) well past sundown with 15 of our favorite fire features for every budget.

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Things to know before firing up that pit:

  • Check with your homeowners’ association or local ordinances to see if fire features are permitted.
  • Make sure you pick a safe location for your fire pit or chiminea. It should be in an open area about 20 feet away from your home, away from low tree limbs or anything else that could catch fire.
  • Remember to keep a fire extinguisher nearby at all times.
  • Keep your windows closed when using your fire pit to prevent smoke from blowing into your home.


You get plenty for your money with the Wragby fire pit: Fire bowl and stand, mesh cover, canvas carrying bag, grate (which can double as a cooking surface) and a fire poker. With top marks from reviewers, it would be hard to find a better option for the price.

At 15″ high and 20″ both wide and deep, this pretty, patinated wood-burning fire pit is perfect for a petite urban garden.

In our search for top-notch chimineas on a budget, this steel wood-burning option popped up again and again. Buyers love its extra large size, and that it’s easy to assemble.

The added copper rail is a great feature on this hefty fire pit; the interior bowl has a diameter of 27.5″ and at 37 pounds, you don’t need to be afraid of it being blown away with an unexpected gust of wind.

We don’t all have backyards and patios for a full-blown fire pit. Enter the tabletop version. Just over a foot wide, and powered by a gel insert, this modern baby can go anywhere! The gel has a 2-hour burn time, so make sure to have extras on standby to keep the party going!

Simple in design means you can go from box to s’mores in no time at all. The base is cast iron, which means it’ll hold up year after year.

If you have the space to opt for a standing fireplace, this might be one of the best values. Red Ember is known for their quality products, and the Wellington is no different. Standing 48 inches high, it’s low enough that it’s not totally obtrusive, but high enough with a smokestack that leads debris and smoke away from nearby faces and noses. The grated sides mean it’ll also be great for ambient light once the sun sets. It also comes with a cooking grate: wood-fired steak and warmth all in one package? That’s a win-win.

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This is a favorite amongst reviewers, with an almost perfect rating. Comments note the cast stone looks authentic in person and the 24″ wide fire bowl is broad enough to hold logs up to 21″, and resists temperatures up to 1,112 °F. (Pssst…if you like this fire pit, but want to try your hand at building your own, check out this tutorial from Lowe’s.)

Take your pick between smokeless propane or natural gas in this fire bowl. We like that the propane model has the option to purchase a hideaway box (seen in the picture holding the drink tray) for the tank. No matter which version you chose, you’ll be getting a max output of 50,000 BTU, and a guaranteed outdoor conversation area.

Another internet favorite, the dragonfly pattern and bulbous silhouette elicit a sense of nostalgia. The cast aluminum alloy body prevents rusting and a cast iron grate supports the fire. This sturdy baby comes in three colors—gold accent, antique green and charcoal (shown)—but the company recommends the long-lasting charcoal color as the other options will darken over time with firing.

The Prism wins this list with its style alone: A sharp, geometric shape made of hand-welded steel that will patina over time is all at once modern and retro. Plus, the chimney can be removed for easy cleaning, and it’s made in the good ol’ U.S. of A.

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Made of a tinted lightweight fiber-cast concrete, this rectangle fire table has the look and style of cement without the heft. It also comes with a cover for the firing area that increases your table surface area when it’s not in use.

If sleek concrete pits don’t stoke your fire, check out this more rustic version. Its hard rock exterior may look heavy, but it’s actually quite lightweight and cast from fiber-concrete to look like stone.

I’ve long dreamed of having a Modfire fireplace, and that deep-seated fantasy is burning stronger than ever since I realized it’s offered in a bright, glistening copper finish. You can order this vision in natural gas or propane fuel type. Other models are also available as wood-burning, and if copper isn’t your thang, make sure to check out the brand’s plethora of vintage-inspired colors.

The 65,000 BTU burner of this luxe firebowl outperforms any other on this list, though it comes at a price. Available in 8 finishes, you can customize the product to your aesthetic liking; we love the honed Black Sand or Aged Teak as they feel ultra modern.