Holiday Cards as Ornaments

Sending and receiving holiday cards seems to be the last bastion of old fashioned correspondence. It’s a delightful joy to receive so much “friendly” mail and I cherish every card and newsletter received. Holiday cards can be placed in a basket or taped to ribbon and hung on a wall. But wouldn’t it be great to receive a card that could be hung directly onto your Christmas tree?

There are many card designers that create beautiful, and custom, holiday cards that the recipient can hang on their Christmas tree. Here are just a few to get your started on your search.

From left to right:

1. Ornament Cards by Design Aglow

2. Printable Ornament Cards by shoeboxprints

3. Lettra Ornament Card from InviteSite

4. Santa Ornament Greeting Card by itsastickysituation

5. Photo Ornament Cards by thencomesmarriage

If you are feeling DIY and want to make our own ornaments from received holiday cards check out two of Martha Stewart’s ideas here and here.