Holiday Cheer: The Brightness of LED Lights

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Before the Thanksgiving dishes had been cleared, my husband and I were plotting our house’s holiday decor. A life-size Christmas tree was a must, and of course we needed to deck out the front of the house with lights. So off to the store we went, hell-bent on getting the most efficient lights on the market.There was one caveat of which we weren’t aware, though, which was addressed by Range earlier today in his post on LED Christmas lights. They. Are. Bright.

These suckers are so bright that friends who’ve come by exclaim how extraordinary it is that they can see our house from the other end of the block. It’s not that we went all Clark Griswold on the house, either; we put up a few strands in the tree, and some icicles along the front. But they’re so bright and blinding that we have to turn them off before we go to bed (not a bad thing when it comes to energy consumption).

We did find a couple of strings of “warm” LED lights for our tree; their glow is more like the old-school yellow hue we’re used to. Surely we’ll become converts and just embrace the technology. But in the meantime, we’re still going to be holding our breath each time a plane flies by, in fear that it might try to land in our front yard.

We’re curious: what’s your experience been with the energy-efficient LED lights? Do you prefer the old, energy-sucking warm lights? Or are you a fan of the cool-to-the-touch LEDs?

(Image: Amber Byfield for Re-Nest.)