We’re Wrapping Up the Holiday Cure With One Simple Thing You Can Do Anywhere

published Nov 26, 2020
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Apartment Therapy’s Holiday Cure is your 20-day guide to being comfortable, calm, and in control of a clean space during what can sometimes be a chaotic season.

This is it! The final day of our Holiday Cure experience. We’ve done a lot together—from putting up decorations to cleaning our TVs and giving each other permission to use some of the good stuff.

I hope it’s been a fun journey. No matter what you did or didn’t do, I hope you’re feeling like you have a game plan and a head start to enjoy—truly enjoy—the final month of the year, and whatever it has in store for you.

I know today is Thanksgiving in the U.S., so I’ll make today’s prompt a quick one (and something you might already have plans to do today anyway).

Here we go…

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Day 20: Take a moment of gratitude.

Find a quiet, comfortable place and sit by yourself without distractions. You can bring along a pen and paper, if that helps you with your thoughts. But it’s fine to just think to yourself quietly, too. Once you’re there, spend a few moments thinking about what you’re thankful for in your life.

With such a tumultuous year behind you, your mind might try to turn the other way. But stay focused on all the good things you have going for you. Perhaps your home, or your family, or your health. Maybe it’s the opportunity to learn from your mistakes or experience the entire rollercoaster of life’s emotions. Maybe you have a bed to sleep in or access to clean water. You can also be really psyched about a TV show that’s premiering or something fun you just bought. This moment is not on display. Allow yourself to appreciate whatever it is that makes you thankful for the life you’ve been given.

I am thankful for all of you reading. And the opportunity to do something like this and call it a job.

I hope you enjoyed the Holiday Cure and please let me know if you liked it and want to do it again! Also let me know if you hated it or there were parts of it you wish we would have skipped or omissions we forgot to include. My favorite part of all of this is imagining all of you, content in your spaces, and I want to do everything I can to make sure you’re there.

Happy holidays!

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