Holiday Tact: Do You Ask for Specific Gifts?

Holiday Tact: Do You Ask for Specific Gifts?

Sarah Rae Smith
Nov 29, 2011

112911-socks.jpg Most folks would agree that the best gift is something heartfelt and well thought out. Usually it's something that the recipient will adore, but never buy for themselves or think to purchase. That said, many of us have relatives or friends that really suck at this adventure. So we're curious, do you give hints? Tell a few people out right what you'd like? Draw a picture? Send a link? Buy it yourself and hand them the receipt for reimbursement?

The hardest part about receiving a gift that you don't want or need is finding a good home for it. Sure it's always a little sad, for if you're giving a gift to someone, hopefully you know enough about them to give something genuine that they could really put to use.

Sometimes bargains and sales can help determine this and the things that we really need or want are way out of people's price range. For instance, I always make sure to drop hints to my mother in this fashion, "In case Uncle Stan is looking for good gift ideas for me, I'd really love (insert gift here)."

Year after year I received gifts that I could never use, or really ever regift because they're such a close family member that said gift was expected to be talked about, seen or used. So after being frustrated for many years, this is the approach I've taken. It always feels like a cheat of the gift giving process and turns it into an obligation instead of them liking me enough to really know me that well, but I'm sure many of you are in the same situation.

How do you gracefully ask for gifts you'd like to receive? Do you have an Amazon wish list that family can view? How about a Pinterest account that you can add pretty scarves, clocks or art you hope to receive? Share your tactful ideas in the comments below!

Image: Flickr member HappySkrappy licensed for use by Creative Commons

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