Holocubes and Nomad Lights: The Future is around the Corner

Holocubes and Nomad Lights: The Future is around the Corner

Range Govindan
Dec 3, 2008

What will happen to screens in the future? Will millimeter-thick OLED screens just pop out of everywhere or will we use projection technology to simulate 3D environments? Most probably, we are heading towards both technological avenues. That's why the Holocube is so tantalizing. Even though the so-called Holocube isn't really a hologram, it's still really interesting. Nomad Lights are something that we all need in our homes. Mobile charged lights that give off diffuse illumination when you need it most. You can take them with you to different rooms, just like people used to do with candles.

When we think of a Holocube, most of use think of some small Star Wars-type projection. The Holocube is almost exactly that. But appearances can be deceiving. The Holocube uses a projection on a slanted transparent screen to simulate 3D. The effect is uncanny and makes you believe in holography. Holocubes are designed by the Belgian firm of the same name. It wouldn't take much for this technology to be applied on a bigger scale. [via TrendsNow]

Nomad Light Molecule
We've all had this problem. You need a light to search for something, and no, a flashlight won't do. You need something different. Or sometimes, you just want to take a light with you into the garden or a dark room. That's where the Nomad Light Molecule comes to the rescue. It's designed by Maarten De Ceulaer and uses a modular design. The light globes can be taken apart and moved around to give illumination where it is needed most. The globes can function for up to 4 hours by itself. Once it dims, just pop it back onto the Light Molecule and it will recharge itself. The lamp itself can be made into a lot of different shapes. The globes are powered by LEDs but housed in spheres, giving off a diffuse glow. [via Pan Dan]

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