Light Painting with iPad’s Holo-Paint App

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

A few weeks ago we came across a video by design firm BERG and creative communications agency Dantsu London called Making Future Magic: iPad Light Painting. The process of painting with light is done using software running on an iPad and capturing the image with a camera using a slow shutter technique. Yesterday an Australian app development company released an app that essentially let’s you do the same thing. The best part is, it only cost $1.

The light painting video below shows some pretty intensive software and the creative minds behind the project. The universal app that was released called Holo-Paint can only currently do text and doesn’t have the ability to create holographic images like the software used in the Making Future Magic video. However the effect achieved with text alone is still rather impressive.

The app works both on the iPhone and on the iPad and is relatively easy to perform. Using a tripod and setting your camera to a long exposure, as the photo is being taken you need to maintain a slow and fluid panning motion as you move your iPad/iPhone through space. The results are pretty amazing.

[via Gizmodo]