Holy Grail: Doll Strollers That Aren't Pink

Holy Grail: Doll Strollers That Aren't Pink

Carrie McBride
Oct 27, 2011

Imagine a world where all strollers were only sold in cotton candy pink. The doll stroller world isn't so far from that. You can hit a pink doll stroller with a stick, but you have to do a bit of legwork to find a pink alternative. Although the pickings are still slim, our fingers did the walking so you don't have to.

When my son was a new walker I knew he'd enjoy a doll stroller to push at the playground. My criteria seemed simple enough: lightweight, foldable and not pink. Let me be clear, I didn't have a problem with a pink stroller because my child was a boy. I was resisting the manufacturer-consumer vicious circle of prolific pink toys. If buying a pink stroller was sending the message to keep making the majority of toys pink, I didn't want to send that message. My mom eventually found a (predictably) blue stroller.

Recently I wanted to buy my friend's daughter a doll stroller and I hunted down these non-pink options. They all fit my original criteria with the exception of the last wooden one which is heavier (and also intended for 2+ year olds), but too attractive not to include. And there are more lovely (expensive) wood options, but here I'm focusing on more portable versions. I also didn't include Maclaren's Junior Quest (available in a red or pink version) which is currently out of stock everywhere I looked, but will hopefully be back.

Toy companies: I double dog dare you to think outside the pink doll stroller box. How about a cheerful kelly green? a black and white chevron? orange plaid?

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