Holy Batcave, Batman! Bat Tech Through the Ages (& Tights)

Holy Batcave, Batman! Bat Tech Through the Ages (& Tights)

Jason Yang
Sep 6, 2011

Okay so this isn't a real tech tour, but it's a fun idea! Join us as we walk through a visual history of the Batcave on TV and in the movies. We also explore Batman themed home theaters, toys, hidden switches, and even ceiling fans!?

Name: Bruce Wayne
Location: Gotham City
Size: It's called Wayne Manor, so it's big.
Years lived in: Since he was a little boy who fell into a cave.

Batman TV Series
The 1960s TV series was awesome with all its POWs and BAMs to go along with its kitschy style. The Batcave looks like something straight out of a science fiction movie from its era. Lots of lights and dials meant high tech and futuristic, which have all sadly been replaced by tons and tons of monitors in modern movies.

Michael Keaton's brooding Batman featured a Batcave with equally moody feel and equipment. Flanked by multiple monitors (of the bulky CRT variety), Batman did his research and crunched his numbers at his high tech (for the time) command center.

Batman Returns
Aside from a few technological upgrades, the Batcave isn't much changed. We couldn't find a picture so here's Mr. Wayne sitting at his desk.

Batman Forever
Featuring the infamous rotating Batmobile turntable, this Batcave also had separate spaces for the Batwing and other vehicles.

Batman & Robin
The movie that almost killed Batman was really that bad. Batsuit nipples and Arnold Schwarzenegger as Mr. Freeze. Not much different from the previous Batcave, except with lots of neon lights added. Great. No Batcave pictures but the Batsuit nipples says it all.

Batman Begins
The initial Batman in the series reboot starts as nothing more than a cave which Alfred reveals was used as past of the Underground Railroad during the Civil War. With a hidden elevator entrance into the mansion as well as a cliff-side waterfall-covered "garage door", the Batcave was nothing more than a few tables and storage areas for Bruce Wayne's new toys.

The Dark Knight
The second batcave featured a minimal industrialist look, set in a cavernous underground room beneath a shipping yard. Sparsely furnished, most of what we see is a massive concrete desk featuring 8 large flat panel monitors. Oddly enough, Mr. Wayne didn't spring on monitors of the same size, with what appears to be even 4:3 monitors thrown into the mix. The overhead fluorescent lighting is reminiscent of cheap office cubicles as well. At least Alfred did see have the foresight to install a furnace to burn sensitive documents with. With Wayne Manor under reconstruction, we guess it's whatever gets the job done, as Batman gets down and dirty in this installment of the series.

The Dark Knight Rises
As anticipation boils over for the upcoming Batman movie, rumors abound about the new Batcave which was supposed to be under construction during the last movie. Whether or not this is an actual production drawing of the new Batcave set or not, we'd love to see a return to the gloriously high tech underground enclave that we're used to from the comic books. Mismatched monitors and spartan decor hopefully give way to the dark and gloomy high tech Batcave we know and love.

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