It’s Aquarius Season: Here’s Your February Home Horoscope

updated Jul 17, 2020
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Break on through the other side of the house, astro explorers! This month in the cosmos Aquarius planets are rocking our worlds, asking us to accommodate the kinds of radical changes that reimagine our four walls and far beyond.

With the planet of action and impulse in fiery Sagittarius, these two energies take us on a nomadic journey to the edge of the possible, as we take a look at ourselves and our spaces and get ready to truly make that change. And with Saturn still kicking it in world building Capricorn, and Venus and Mercury poised to enter the mystical Pisces waters, these are the kinds of shifts that are truly meant to last as we close out a karmic cycle and lay rock solid foundations for the futures that are big enough to hold the ripe and ready souls we’re becoming.

So prep for all flavors of swap meets, switch out your comforters and your comfort zones, and leap into the wild unknown with neon paint palettes and hyper-modern chic.

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In the Stars: Happy birthday month, astro babe! This is your time to celebrate your precious cosmic gifts and eccentric perspective that only you can contribute. While you’re often happiest rallying others to believe in a new cause or system, let yourself get a little selfish this month as you tap into your wild visions that come from having plenty of space for solitude.

In Your Space: Get as “out there” as you can in your space and don’t be afraid of major overhauls and home renovations. Employ your characteristic panned out perspective with plenty of blueprints and mood boarding. You may even want to inject a sense of being “in process” into your space, with framed blueprints as artwork, or semi-finished surfaces.

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In the Stars: You are in sumptuous slumber mood this month, as the planets slide under your cosmic covers and reconnect you with all things magical and mystical. Let yourself have plenty of time for delicious retreat and don’t let anyone squash your dreams right now. You’ve had plenty of reality checks lately, Pisces, and this month is all yours for recommitting to the wondrously weird and taking a escapist vacation without fearing that you’ll never come back to earth.

In Your Space: Get super subtle with your spatial approach, and study up on philosophies like feng-shui, hygge, and wabi-sabi. Your space should be an absolute sanctuary right now that supports your emotional journeys and dives into dream space. Silks, incense, bonsai trees. Whatever makes you feel like you’re on a soul seeking walkabout right in your own home.

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In the Stars: With eccentric Aquarius planets activating your zone of far-flung future visions, this is big picture month par excellence. You’ve been learning so much about endurance and longevity lately, and February promises to take you even higher in your quest to adopt radical new perspectives on both your emotional and career life. Get your freak on and change up the usual tales!

In Your Space: One word: skylights. Do everything you can to helicopter your space. And if you can’t cut through the actual ceiling, experiment with some trompe l’oeil clouds painted there, or huge panoramic murals plastered on walls. Open real and metaphorical windows as much as you can.

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In the Stars: As Aquarius ignites your zone of self-sufficiency and power moves, this is prime boardroom time in all senses of the word. What makes you feel like a soul survivor, Taurus? Rediscover the wilderness inside of you and then set off to intrepidly conquer it all this month. You are capable of far more than you’re currently imagining.

In Your Space: Bring the outdoors indoors with accents reminiscent of camping, woodsy, camphoraceous candles, pine needles, and sheepskin. Experiment with rugged internal environments that remind you of your potency that endures through the seasons—stainless steel, iron, and candelabras fit for timeless castles.

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In the Stars: With the planets lighting up your zone of faith, exuberant adventure, and on-the-go learning, this is a gorgeous month for leaping and exploring without having to figure out the master plan just yet. Let yourself enjoy the treasure hunt as you simply see what arises on your journey.

In Your Space: Inject bombastic bigness into your space that reminds you of the wild, wide world. Roadside diner inspo, luscious, tropical floral prints, and saturated hues fit for the circus. More, more, more, is your style ethos for February so don’t be afraid of a little celebratory hoarding that reminds you of all the possible pathways that are available.

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In the Stars: You’re getting down and dirty this month, water babe. But with Aquarius’ intellectual perspective dancing into your house of deep-diving intimacy, this is truly a time for radical forgiveness and expansion reinventions of the past you thought was unchangeable. Be ready for sudden emotional shifts, intimate explorations, and the ability to let go and let goddess for good.

In Your Space: Tap into a sense of transformative history with flea-market finds updated for the right here, right now. Refurbish old furniture and repurpose items you think may have outlived their usefulness. But don’t be afraid of intense purging as well; block out a day to go wild with the giveaway pile and then get those pieces out of your sight asap.

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In the Stars: With the planets activating your zone of mirroring, this is a month for exploring relationships of all stripes and flavors. Don’t be afraid to collide with others, and with parts of yourself, you feel are strange or new. You are simply collecting more shades for your rainbow, Leo. And we want to see all your true colors this time around.

In Your Space: Glam it up with romantic accents that are equal parts Parisian chic and Disney Princess. Invite anything into your space that represents an ideal to you—whether it’s a heart-shaped rotating bed, or simply a luxe soap dish. And play with actual mirrors as well to give yourself a sense of all of your facets in all of their glory.

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In the Stars: The planets are in your natural zone of body and soul healing, and healthful sustenance, and you are prepped to reinvent your routine in a way that’s truly sustainable. This doesn’t have to feel like endless to-do lists and drudgery. There a sweet ceremonious quality to the energy available to you right now; treat every part of your day like a ritual that supports the person you’re becoming.

In Your Space: Everyday altars are key for you this month; let every part of your space become a living mood board that reflects exactly the colors and objects and sensations you want to invite in. Arrange little vignettes of objects at key points to remind you of your intentions; whether it’s an abundance altar at your vanity of treasured beauty products, or a powerful 2018 goals altar on your desk.

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In the Stars: With Aquarius planets activating your zone of playful passion and glorious presentism, it’s a moment to just sit back and let it all be good for once. No striving. No idealizing beyond the present moment. Sidle up to the sensations that are presenting themselves to you right here, right now.

In Your Space: Return to spatial innocence! Playground primary shades, plastics, and all-around simplicity and silliness. Take cues from Scandinavian schoolyard design and let your space feel like an adult collection of LEGO. And don’t be afraid to include some toys that aren’t just for the kids. Plush fabrics, stuffed animals, and a healthy dose of glitter.

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In the Stars: You’re taking deep into the interior this month, Scorpio, as you return to your roots and a sense of emotional stability. What do you need to give yourself to feel safe right now? How can you create a strong sense of belonging in your relationships that allows you to start to vulnerably expose even more of what’s in your heart?

In Your Space: Tents. Canopies. Treehouse inspo. This is your month to play with creating a true spatial cocoon of gauze, fabric, and hidden treasures. Explore curio cabinets as well, where you can house living museums of your most beloved objects, and decide who has access to the keys. Treat your space like a locket.

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In the Stars: After so much intensity and accomplishment last year, Sag, this is your month for starting afresh with all of that hard-earned knowledge. With Aquarius planets stepping into your zone of curiosity and shifting perspective, it’s time for networking of all kinds. Head out into the world with your characteristic lust for life in tow, and see what the world has to offer when you have no agenda at all.

In Your Space: Found objects are key for you this month. Let inspiration arise on your walk home, in a flea market, or at a friend’s house. Don’t be afraid to mix, match, and borrow, and see what unexpected collisions will produce. Let it all clash a bit and see what can come from blurring the usual design lines.

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In the Stars: Do you know how much you’re truly worth, Capricorn? Forget the external markers this month, and feel into your value that can never be taken from you. Look at all you’ve created and how much you’ve grown and banish any traces of scarcity mentality that say you can’t have exactly what you crave. With the planets lining up in your house of chocolate box deliciousness, you can taste whatever turns you on.

In Your Space: Luscious embodiment is the key to your spatial navigation right now. Forget the visuals for a moment and let yourself be led by scent and touch. Anything that feels or smells like liquid gold is vital for you right now. Experiment with diffusers, throws, and maybe even multi-sensory art that creates a vibrant life world inside your space. And make sure to invite plenty of living luxe inside; think cut flowers, indoor herb gardens, and fountains.