It’s Capricorn Season: Here’s Your January Home Horoscope

published Jan 8, 2018
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If it’s worth it, you’d better work it, spatial explorers. This month in the cosmos is made of solid earth and sinewy muscle, as a pack of Capricorn planets beckon us into the badass boardrooms of tough decisions and uphill climbs. But this energy isn’t all stellar struggle. The most decadent, delicious gift of the month ahead is the sweet sensation that we’ve self-sufficiently created our kingdoms with our two hands.

Capricorn energy is a fine wine, an aged cheese, a luxe satin dressing gown. Brick and mortar, sweat and tenderness. Break out the hammer, nails, and 24-karat gold, because it’s time to build something that truly lasts.

Below, your sign-by-sign guide to the stars and your interstellar interiors.

(Image credit: Kath Nash)

In the Stars: This is truly your month, cosmic queen. As your season dawns icy and intrepid, you have the momentum to claim exactly what’s yours, but to do so with the least amount of struggle. Let it be easy and well-oiled, Capricorn. And don’t be afraid to celebrate your high standards. If something’s not up to par, leave it in the dust.

In Your Space: Mountain majesty. This is the month to really go over-the-top with some stereotypical Cappy fare. Think James Bond bachelor pad meets English castle. Wrought iron. Marble. Grandeur. Lion statues. Swizzle sticks and decanters. Whatever classic splendor means to you, start there and build your kingdom.

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In the Stars: Sweet surrender is on the horizon for you this month, Aquarius, but first you’ve got to get super comfy with the full range of emotion. As a cerebral astro sign, this is no mean feat. Just practice softening bit by bit when difficult feelings arise. And know that the more you release the controls, the more you’ll get what’s truly coming to you.

In Your Space: Children’s fantasy film inspo reigns supreme. Think jordan almond pastel palettes, sparkles, bunk beds. Whatever you think of as too whimsical. And if you’re not ready for a full scale sleepover, start with a small, dreamtime accent like a unicorn lamp, or a curio cabinet filled with a few choice treasures.

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In the Stars: With the cosmic party unfolding in your house of eccentric reimagining, it’s time to radically rupture from the known and build anew. But with the energy in Capricorn, choose your meltdowns wisely and summon solid building materials and a stalwart team for your new endeavors. You can absolutely create what’s in your heart right now, if you commit to putting in the effort and trusting in the process.

In Your Space: Celebrate slow unfolding and team efforts with some 100% DIY furniture assemblage. Make a party out of it and invite your tribe to attempt to decipher IKEA instructions. Or better yet, have them bring along found materials and create something unplanned. Don’t be afraid of the makeshift or partially undone as you scour swap meets and thrift shops for pieces that take you outside the usual.

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In the Stars: Your vocation zone is LIT, and it’s go time on anything that stretches your muscles and leaves you feeling like a stripped down, hyperfocused, warrior survivalist. Power up, make the change, and forge intrepidly ahead like never before. And know that your “no” can be just as strong of a statement as your “yes.”

In Your Space: Exercise boundaries by cordoning off parts of your space for new uses, or implementing a room divider. And infuse your work space with a little wilderness glamour. Think driftwood, rock paperweights, and handcrafted chairs.

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In the Stars: The theme for you this month is adventure, and your desire nature is getting a serious upgrade. The things you used to think you want might be blown out of the water, but don’t let this bring you down. You are wilder and wider than you can even imagine. Time for a dream upgrade.

In Your Space: It’s all about circulation in your space this month. Despite the colder temps, find any way possible to approximate some sort of indoor-outdoor infusion. Even if it’s just houseplants or a framed picture of a desert vista, you’re being asked to widen your point of view.

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In the Stars: Deep dives for you this month, little gemstone, as a pack of Capricorn planets settles into your underground zone of intimacy and intensity. For a zodiac sign who’s constantly processing and communicating, make sure to take plenty of time and space for yourself so you can get really clear on what you’re ready to share and what needs to keep percolating.

In Your Space: Play with infusions of darkness that are soothing rather than oppressive. Lots of candlelight, a new kind of filtered blind. And don’t be afraid to explore raw, uncut materials that can help you celebrate your shadow side. Think asymmetrical tabletops and geometric artwork that’s slightly askew.

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In the Stars: It’s a super romantic month for you, little mermaid, with your area of partnership ignited by Capricorn planets. This isn’t quite the stuff of horse-drawn carriages, though. You’re being asked to really examine how you show up in relationships, which of your partnerships are built to endure, and how you can better balance your caretaking of others with being cared for.

In Your Space: It’s a perfect time to explore “mirroring” in all its facets. Whether this is through physical mirrors in your environment, or simply by infusing reflective surfaces, sample both sides through these accents. And take whatever fluffy romantic dreams you have and ground them in reality. Think indoor rose bushes rather than cut flowers, a sheepskin throw, or cast iron pots and pans.

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In the Stars: It’s time to streamline your routine and speak some serious body language, Leo. As Capricorn planets enter your zone of embodied knowledge, healthy habits, and humility, scale it back and strip it down to exactly what will support all of the mega growth that’s coming your way. Build on up from a solid base.

In Your Space: Explore minimalism, major purges, and Kondo-ing of all shapes and sizes. But pay attention to detail as you do this, and choose to keep around objects and items that remind you of the preciousness of the microscopic. Think intricate patterns, small sprigs of fresh herbs, and practicing with floor plans and adult dollhouses before you get to work.

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In the Stars: Credit where credit is due, Virgo. This month emphasizes your house of pure pleasure, present joys, and creative contribution, and it’s high time you started enjoying yourself and reaping the rewards from a job well done. Notice where you hide from the spotlight and challenge yourself to step into the sun.

In Your Space: Keep it light, lustrous, and as glamorous as your usual minimalist aesthetic is willing to take you. Think gilded edges, lots of accent lamps, some tropical flair, and even chunks of pyrite or cut crystals. And find a way to showcase your glassware so you can celebrate drinking it all down from your own cup!

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In the Stars: Bring it all back home this month, sweet Libra. As the main cosmic events occur in your zone of tucked in emotional security and rootsy get downs, you’re being asked to celebrate your softer side and explore your wild and wondrous interior. Allow plenty of time and space for big feelings.

In Your Space: Deck your space out exactly the way you imagined your ideal fort as a kid. Tent it, drape it. Making your space feel smaller is actually the key this month, so whether it’s rustic accents in the kitchen pantry, or building a pillow wall on your bed, coziness is paramount.

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In the Stars: With Capricorn planets dancing through your zone of perception and communication, it could feel like you’ve got big news to share this month. And if you’re ready to scream your message to the world, by all means get to karaoke-ing. But notice where you might hold back from speaking to just listen in for more information. What you’re not yet ready to say is just as important as what you are. Give yourself time to free your mind.

In Your Space: Emphasize the aerials. Whether it’s an actual birdcage, a set of wind chimes, or a mobile, invite winged energy into your space that expands it from the ground up. Build a loft. Install a new ceiling fan. Or simply stick some glow-in-the-dark stars up there.

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In the Stars: What would it take for you to truly believe in your worth, Sag? This month tests your zone of commitment, pleasure, and value, and you’re being asked to banish scarcity mentality, and take exactly what you deserve. No scrambling. No begging. Simply the willingness to sit down at the table and be served.

In Your Space: This is prime time for luxury living. Start in the kitchen with some new serving dishes and good china. Whatever you think you’d only break out for the guests—treat yourself like one. Fill your bathroom with mini soaps and transform your habitual spaces into a hotel fit for a high-end staycation.