Home Décor Made from Broken Gadgets

We all have ’em. Pieces of old technology that no longer work, but we feel too guilty just tossing (as you should! It’s not safe for the environment). So what do you do with that friend hard drive or malfunctioning keyboard? Send it over to Etsy seller PixelThis.

We’ve profiled a few of this Etsy seller’s pieces in the past, but felt that a full profile of his work was in order.

PixelThis upcycles broken gear — from record players to bike wheels to circuit boards — and turns them into clocks. And while it may sounds like a cheesy novelty item, this crafter does a phenomenal job turning old and unusable parts into décor friendly pieces for the home.

PixelThis says he/she has an affinity for Apple gear, and from the sounds of his profile page he’s willing to trade with people who may be hoarding all the good stuff. So what are you waiting for? Pull that box of broken circuitry out of the closet and see if PixelThis can turn your trash into a treasure.

Shown above, in order:

Images: PixelThis