The Home Decor Styles You’ll Soon Be Seeing Everywhere

published Apr 20, 2018
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Last weekend marked the start of High Point Market, the largest home furnishing industry trade show in the world. If that sounds overwhelming, that’s because it was. Booth after booth, floor after floor, I took in thousands of furniture and decor styles as they were introduced to the American market for the coming year. I’d liken it to a trip to IKEA, on a Sunday, during prime move-in season, but with a wider range of styles, price points and materials. However, if you look past the overstimulation of visuals and gargantuan feel of the IHFC (International Home Furnishings Center) building, there are definitely some perks to visiting the largest home show. The biggest one? You get a sneak peek of what will be in vogue for home decor in the coming year.

Post-market, I chatted with Nancy Fire, trend expert and design director of HGTV HOME. We discussed what we saw this year and how you can translate those looks easily into your space.

Q: What were three big trends you saw this year?

Cut away (or peek-a-boo style) furniture, circular style and accent tables.

(Image credit: Nancy Fire)
(Image credit: Nancy Fire)
(Image credit: Charlotte Parker)

Q: What is something you think was under-represented at market this year?

Pantone’s 2018 Color of the Year, Ultra Violet. Last year there was much more of Greenery, Pantone’s 2017 color.

Q: Our followers have always hotly debated the idea of coordinated bookshelves, which I saw quite a few examples of at market, do you have thoughts on this look?

I’m kind of over that personally because I keep seeing it. It’s nice if you’re doing it for a one-of-a-kind look. But right now, I think things are becoming more undecorated, there is more of a movement towards things being uncoordinated.

Q: We noticed raffia was huge this year. Why do you think it’s becoming such a popular material in design?

Because it is natural and it adds dimension. It mixes well with other textures and gives a 3D look.

Q: Besides just raffia, we noticed other natural fibers such as rattan were popular. Do you think this is going to be sticking around for long?

Yes! There is rattan, there is bamboo, there is wicker and you’re going to see those utilized a lot. You’ll see them mixed with concrete and other substrates as well in decor.

(Image credit: Charlotte Parker)

Q: We saw the color pink represented strongly. Do you think this color is pushing past its “millennial pink” reputation. It has always been considered a “neutral” in the design world, but in the past few years has gotten a (somewhat negative) association as a millennial trend. Where do you think homeowners / designers stand on the color now?

I love pink. Now, we’re seeing the shades known as wisteria or blush. Those are more usable colors. I think it’s really pretty. I mixes well with other tones and especially looks great with turquoise and teal. It has settled into its new self.

Q: Do you think the colors represented in the designs had any nods to political or cultural events from the past year?

I think every time politics gets a little crazy you start to see a lot of black and white. I noticed a lot of black and white, which is a cleansing palate for people. I saw black, white and red or black, white and teal. People need breathing room in their decor.

Q: I noticed gold was heavily influenced in designs as well. Do you think there was a dominating metallic?

I don’t think there was one metal trending, because there were so many. I do recall gold though. Maybe gold is the winner.

Q: For the trends you’ve identified from this year, is there an approachable way for our readers to try the looks out in their own home?

Yes! It’s so easy. There are so many great products. You can buy a lamp with cut out circles. You can do a light fixture (hanging or desk lamp). I think it’s just utilizing bits and pieces of them in your home in your way. They are easy to use because there are options with them that are affordable.

This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity and length.

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