5 Home Decor Trends Taking Over Summer 2024, According to Designers

published 3 days ago
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New season, new home decor trends, right? Well, that’s not always the case nor does it have to be. But there’s definitely something about the energy of summer that makes some people want to pivot from a spring aesthetic by refreshing their homes with the latest and the greatest. If you’re looking to make some changes yourself, you’ve come to the right place. Pro designers have identified these five home trends as ones that’ll be everywhere in the coming months. And there’s something for everyone here, whether you’re looking to improve lighting in a room, experiment with color, or take a new-old pattern for a spin in your place. 

Credit: Layne Dixon

Cordless Rechargeable Lamps

Petite cordless lamps are no longer solely for restaurant tables and have become popular both indoors and out. Designer Madelaine Mayer of AD: ROIT says we’re only going to see more of these cute fixtures this summer. She recommends going colorful by selecting a design with a bold shade. For a bargain, check out Urban Outfitters, which has two cordless styles, the Mini LED Ansel Table Lamp and the Little Glass LED Table Lamp for under $50!

Unconventional Stripes

Bring on the striped designs this season, Mayer says, whether it’s textiles, furniture, wallpaper, or all of the above! “There’s something about a stripe that always reminds me of awnings, beaches, and generally warm weather vibes, and mixing it up with other patterns feels really fresh and fun,” she says. 

The striping you choose can be loud and punchy, as shown in this bedroom makeover, or you can go soft and subtle. Mayer likes the idea of covering the back of a bookshelf with a sweet striped paper, for example, as she’s particularly drawn to blues and greens set against a white background. 

Credit: Natalie Jeffcott

Indoor-Outdoor Spaces

Outdoor living will be seen as an extension of the home this summer, says designer Sarah McCarty. “We’ll see more indoor-outdoor type spaces — think retractable walls and outdoor kitchens,” she notes. “By blurring the lines between indoors and outdoors, homeowners can create seamless transitions that will encourage more time in the summer sun.” So go ahead: Start planning for plenty of dinners (and WFH days, if possible!) alfresco.  

Thrifted Finds

“Summer is a perfect time for taking little getaways and vintage thrifting!” says designer Teri Clar, founder of NAFASI Interiors. “I see this summer taking off with unique pieces and character in the home.” Whether you are on the hunt for an accent chair or the perfect smalls to dress up your bookshelves, consider visiting some new-to-you thrift stores across the United States in search of special pieces.

Summer Brights

Using bright colors come summertime isn’t a new concept, but certain hues that will be trending this year include sunny, buttery yellows, vibrant oranges, and playful corals, says designer Whitney Jones of Whitney J Decor. “These shades will symbolize our collective desire for a cheerful home to return to after navigating the daily grind,” she says. 

On that note, designer Tiffany Leigh says the recently popularized unexpected red theory (which refers to the concept of incorporating a pop red within a space to make it appear more polished and complete) will continue to hold true. “While this is definitely considered a trend, adding a small dose of red to a space to elevate the design has been a long-standing go-to of many famous designers,” she says. “This summer, we are feeling inspired by tomato red in particular; it feels seasonal, fresh, vibrant, and classic, and is sure to be a trend that stands the test of time.”