Home Depot Has Halloween Home Decor and It’s so Underrated

published Aug 11, 2018
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(Image credit: Home Depot)

Yes, we know it is only August. It is still blisteringly hot outside. You’re still working on your tan and potentially enjoying your vacation at this very moment. But it is never too early to think about Halloween!

Some big holidays are approaching fast. It seems like if you blink for a little too long, August will morph into September and that means October is right around the corner. Major retailers need to sell their seasonal merchandise before the season even starts to get the most bang for their buck.

You’ve probably wondered why retailers do this, it’s to beat the competition. In an interview with NPR, Purdue University retail management professor Richard Feinberg, “The marketplace is so competitive that they can’t take a chance that people are going to spend their $50 somewhere else.”

Target released their Halloween line in July and now Home Depot has released theirs as well. It looks like Target has some fierce competition! No shade to Target, we obviously loved their line as well.

(Image credit: Home Depot)

Home Depots decor is for those of us who have competitions with our neighbors to see who can outdo each other every Halloween. They put out one gravestone, so you put out two, then the next day they have three, and so on and so forth. With Home Depot’s Halloween collection, your front yard can become the ultimate Halloween zone.

The retailer offers an assortment of creepy creatures to put out front, from werewolves to dragons, to witches, to zombie horses and more! There is no shortage of fake skeletons when it comes to Halloween at Home Depot.

(Image credit: Home Depot)

There’s more than just outdoor decor too! You can get a variety of indoor decorations, like a fortune teller to terrify all of your Halloween party guests. Home Depot offers a skeleton photo banner that will be the perfect picture spot of the night for couples and BFFs to pose behind.

(Image credit: Home Depot)

If creepy isn’t your thing, Home Depot also offers friendly-looking blow own decorations that be put out front. Nothing is safer or cuter on Halloween than a smiling pumpkin! You can shop the entire collection on Home Depot’s website right now and find what works best for your home before Halloween!

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