The Home Depot’s Labor Day Sale Has Major Deals on Large Appliances for Small Spaces

published Aug 25, 2022
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Do you have a couple of range burners that don’t work, or maybe a broken dishwasher that now functions as storage? How about a microwave that makes everything taste faintly like tomato sauce? If you’ve been biding your time with substandard, outdated appliances, we have excellent news. In honor of Labor Day, Home Depot is offering amazing deals on all sorts of appliances starting right now. Even better: Loads of these top-quality appliances are perfect for small spaces. You’ll find deep discounts on smart finds like stacked washer-dryers, slim-profile ranges, countertop dishwashers, and so much more. We scoped out the sale and picked out some of our favorite finds below. Take a look and figure out what might be right for your home, and check out the entire sale here.

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Home Depot
was $969.95

Treat yourself to a new dishwasher this Labor Day Weekend. While this apartment-friendly appliance is only 18 inches wide, it can fit a whopping 16 place settings. It's ENERGY STAR compliant, with eco-friendly settings that save water and energy. In fact, it features six different wash cycle options, including a sanitize option that uses extra-hot water. With built-in quiet technology, it won't cause a ruckus as it gets your plates, utensils, and more sparkling clean.

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Home Depot
was $389.99

If you don't have space for a built-in under-counter dishwasher, check out this portable one that sits on the countertop. It hooks up to your faucet, though you can connect it directly through your plumbing if you prefer, and features seven wash cycles. This space- and energy-efficient find is especially handy for new parents: There's a setting specifically for steam-cleaning baby bottles. It even includes an option to remove dirt and chemicals from fruit before you eat or cook with it.

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Home Depot
was $4149.00

Now's the perfect time to take home a new oven, and this KitchenAid double wall oven is an excellent choice. It features built-in True Convection capability, Even-Heat Preheat technology, and a removable baking stone. Large windows make it easy to check progress without opening the ovens, but they also come with ControlLock functionality to limit temperature disruptions. Our favorite selling point, though, might just be the self-cleaning cycle...

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Home Depot
was $829.00

Is your fridge past its prime? Take advantage of major savings this weekend on the Frigidaire Top Freezer Refrigerator. It's packed with all sorts of bells and whistles, like a reversible door that can be installed for lefties or righties, bright LED lighting, humidity-controlled crisper drawers, and an EvenTemp cooling system that ensures a consistent temperature throughout the entire refrigerator. The fridge boasts a 10-cubic-foot capacity, while the freezer spans 3.9 cubic feet.

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Home Depot
was $1199.00

Being short on space and big on trash don't mix... which is why this slim-profile trash compactor is such a score. Set on wheels, this portable piece is easy to move to whatever room makes sense, or you can install it permanently — it's totally up to you. The touchless opening ensures your mitts stay clean in the face of garbage, and anti-jamming technology keeps everything working as it should.

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Home Depot
was $819.00

Finding ranges that are slim enough to fit into tight spots is a challenge, but this 20-inch-wide appliance is designed specifically for small spaces. It features an 8-inch burner and three 6-inch burners, along with a 2.6-cubic-foot capacity oven. Saving further precious space, an in-oven broiler eliminates the need for a separate broiler. The large window and oven lights ensure that you can check on your meal's progress without letting heat escape.

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Home Depot
was $1599.00

We are huge fans of items that take advantage of vertical space, such as this stackable Whirlpool washer-dryer. On the bottom, the washer encompasses 1.6 cubic feet and features a transparent lid, so you can easily check progress. Above, the 3.4-cubic-foot dryer offers multiple settings and automatically senses when clothes are done to avoid overdrying.

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Home Depot
was $2199.00

This all-in-one washer-dryer combo is another super-smart space-saving laundry find. It encompasses 4.5 cubic feet of space, which gives you a high-capacity tub that serves both washing and drying functions. Six wash motions help get clothes cleaner and make them last longer, and a steam-clean option is great for anyone with babies or sensitive skin. In fact, it's certified as allergy and asthma friendly by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America.

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Home Depot
was $140.99

Small-space freezers usually don't come with automatic ice makers, which is why this countertop version is a game changer. Just fill the reservoir with water, and the machine will churn out nine cubes roughly every eight minutes. With the 1.5-pound capacity basket, you'll always have fresh ice waiting for you, and an indicator light will let you know when you need to add more water. Bonus: You'll free up so much freezer space without the stacks of ice cube trays you're used to.

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Home Depot
was $159.00

If it's been a minute since you've bought a new microwave, it might be time to give this exquisite Whirlpool appliance a try. It's designed to fit in small kitchens, with a 0.9-cubic-foot capacity and 900 Watts of cooking power. Set the timer, or use the machine as a guide by punching settings like "Keep Warm" and "Popcorn." When the inside of the microwave starts to get gross, just fill a bowl with water and press "Steam Clean." No more scrubbing off specks of tomato sauce!