Home Depot Opening Review

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Thumbs sideways. Our roving reporter hit the new Home Depot yesterday and reported very mixed feelings. Yes, it is big. Yes, it has many things. Yes, it is cool and clean. But no, it offers nothing really new. Here are his words:

Went to Home Depot this afternoon. First impression: they’ve used most of the Ralph Lauren white paint that they’re selling on the outside of the building. It Gleams.

The first thing you hit in the entrance are rugs hanging from ceiling racks for convenient browsing. On the left of the entrance in the front, is a very large selection of lights. What you do not immediately see are tools and lumber, etc., instead there are potted plants. As far as the rugs go, most of the styles are awful. It’s sort of a Crate&Barrel / Pottery Barn selection, but larger and not as stylish.

It’s an excellent place to beat the rush on snow shovels.

Bottom line: I’m sure the place will do good business, but it doesn’t bring anything truly new to the table. It’s a mixture of Bed Bath and Beyond, ABC, and a hardware store. All of those things already exist. The best part may simply be that it’s convenient and clean and spacious.

I am, however, worried about the help. They seemed a sort of eclectic, recently-trained lot. How much they know about the peculiar nuances of do-it-yourself apart ent living remains to be seen. OHR