Home Evolution: The Benefits of Decorating Slowly

Home Evolution: The Benefits of Decorating Slowly

Leah Moss
Aug 10, 2010

One of the themes we hear most often in the "best advice" category of our house tour survey is something along the lines of "take the time to decorate with things you really love. " But that, I'm afraid, is probably the hardest advice to follow. We decor-minded people want a beautiful home...now!

I'm naturally an impatient person, and maybe even more impatient when it comes to visual things. I want my tangible reality to line up with my decor dreams, and on the double! In previous homes, I've tackled the task creating a homey space with a vengeance. And while they did appear homey, they didn't really feel like me or my family.

When we moved across the country two years ago, we gave away almost every piece of furniture that we didn't love. Furthermore, when we moved and into our current home, my husband begged me not to buy a single new thing we decided to take our time. That meant no place-holder furniture and no impulse buys. And that meant that we went without a sofa for nearly a year until we found one we liked that we could afford, and then we waited about a year more to add enough to the room to feel make it feel complete. That wasn't easy. However, I can honestly say that everything that we've found for the room (as well as everything in the slowly evolving rest of our home) is something that we thought about and love.

We knew that decorating slowly would be great for our budget, but what we didn't expect was that it would teach us our style. Decorating in one fell swoop can leave you at the mercy of trends. In previous homes I often thought I adored a certain style only to realize later that it was really just that I had seen it so often in recent magazines, blogs, and HGTV. However waiting and deliberating, particularly when it comes large investment pieces, teaches you the styles that you will probably find attractive forever.

And once you learn that, it's much easier to make decisions on what to buy. I've always loved flea markets, but before moving to our current home I would second guess every possible purchase. Would I hate it tomorrow or next week? Is it really my style? Sometimes that translated into losing would-be perfect pieces, but more often than not it meant buying something impulsively that would clutter my home or end up in the give-away pile.

And now (finally!) it's your turn. All you slow decorators, what have you learned and how have you benefited from letting your home evolve gradually?

Image: Domino

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