Home & Garden Highlights: 10.11.06

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All we can say is thank you Chron, for giving us an excuse to put a pumpkin on the front page.

(The lead article in Wednesday’s H&G, An autumn harvest of discounted home decor, was about fall sales. AT:SF’s weekly sales calendar, which will be up shortly, culls the best from the H&G list, and adds more.)

Now back to that pumpkin:

  • Shopping for pumpkins in your own hat size: Karen Stachura writes about how the picking out of a pumpkin every year from a faux pumpkin patch is an important family tradition, even if it then rots on the front porch. Fall’s a busy time!
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    (Image credit: Apartment Therapy)
  • One flooring type is not the only solution: Linda Spence has some sound advice for a homeowner with an open floor plan who is stranded without enough of her chosen flooring material to cover it all.
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  • Southern home, hearth and history: Karola Saekel visits Charleston, SC, during the annual fall candlelight tours of historic homes and gleans a few tips on how folks down south integrate their modern lifestyles (and appliances) into period-accurate home environments.
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  • Star of BBC show in garden-mad Britain hews to his quirky roots: Adrian Higgins profiles Bob Flowerdew, Britain’s pre-eminent organic fruit and vegetable guru for the Washington Post. (This is no fluff piece, mind you; as “gardening is one of the few things holding British society together.”)
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  • PICK OF THE WEEK / Hebe: Erle Nickel writes all about growing hebe, a hardy evergreen with pretty purple flowers.
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