Home & Garden Roundup: 08.23.06

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)
We’re not sure why we keep looking for a theme in the Chron’s H&G.
  • AT HOME WITH DAVID GINGRASS HANDS-ON: Chef-restaurateur renovates 1970s Napa house: “A gutted-and-updated Brady Bunch-style house with, of course, the kitchen as its focal point”
  • Design Dilemmas: Best remodel might be none at all: Charles Smith cautions that ‘Opening up’ area in Edwardian flat ruins design of era
  • Dodging land mines at the school lunch table: Our school lunches were definitely not like this
    (Image credit: Apartment Therapy)
  • A sampling of gardens: Cornerstone’s designs encourage families to visit: “Sonoma Valley’s Cornerstone Festival of Gardens, a 21st century forum that motivates young and old alike to ponder the nature and notion of a garden”
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