Rinse, Lather, Repeat: Home Grown Hair Care Solutions

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It can be a bit tricky to go green with your hair care routine. We are all loyal to products that work, but many of these products are often sold in plastic packaging and may include harsh chemicals or preservatives. In recent years there has been a flood of excellent organic, natural and eco-friendly hair care options, and farmer’s markets are also increasingly becoming a great resource for locally made personal care products. But have you ever considered making your own at home using home grown herbs and flowers? Here are a few tips, tricks and recipes.

Astringent herbs from the garden that will leave hair cleansed, refreshed and smelling great include rosemary, chamomile, lavender, oregano, and mint. You can use any combination of these herbs and flowers in the recipes below.

Deep Conditioner: Infuse herbs and flowers into cold-pressed olive oil by placing herbs into a glass jar in olive oil and leaving to soak for at least 24 hours. Using no more than ½ cup of oil, massage into dry hair and scalp. Wrap in a towel and let set for about ½ an hour. Wash hair well after conditioning is complete.

Rinse: A great way to cleanse residue from shampoo, pollution or chlorine from the swimming pool is to use an astringent rinse. Simply create a strong tea using any of the above herbs and flowers, let cool and rinse through hair.

Shampoo: A simple homemade shampoo that will strengthen you hair and add shine, only catch is that you have to make a fresh batch daily since it doesn’t really keep. Mix two egg yolks and ¼ cup pureed herbs and flowers listed above. Massage into wet hair and rinse thoroughly.

For an excellent article of home grown/home made hair care solutions check out this article on ecobites.com.

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