When No One's Looking: Fess Up Your Odd Home Habits

When No One's Looking: Fess Up Your Odd Home Habits

Abby Stone
Jan 14, 2010

Ok, confession. Despite what you may think, we don't come home every night to our fabulously clean and well-organized homes, cook beautiful meals, do all the dishes, and fall into high thread count sheet beds. We have the same challenges you do. As Laure pointed out in her email to me this morning about her imminent move, "I'm that stage where I'm no longer organized, I'm just throwing things in any box I can find!" As for myself

I will confess to a habit of falling asleep with my laptop on my chest in a bed crammed full of magazines, books, papers and mistakenly uncapped pens and, occasionally, the just done and neatly folded up laundry at my feet (luckily when I wake up it's usually exactly as I left it since I don't move when I sleep). You can determine what shoes I've worn this week by the pile at the door and the clothes that went along with them by the stack on my bedroom chair. Oh, and the clothes from the dry cleaner festooned about the room to, you know, "air them out" (code for "too lazy to put away"). And, a week or more can go by as the dining room table accumulates more and more mail and, if someone comes by unexpectedly, I usually disappear into the bathroom for a moment leaving my baffled guest shuffling their feet at the door while I do a quick swipe of the bathroom floor which seems to accumulate enough hair in a day to cover the heads of three Hair Club for Men members. Okay, I've shared some of mine. What about you? C'mon, 'fess up. Let's hear the down and dirty secret stuff.

[image from: Living, etc.]

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