Home Hack for Mystery Lovers: Secret Door

Built-in floor-to-ceiling bookcases are much coveted here on Apartment Therapy, and Ashley’s, pictured above, is certainly a very nice example. But there’s more to this bookshelf than meets the eye; lovers of mystery novels will surely swoon over this DIY. Click through to learn Ashley’s secret!

A hidden door in the bookshelf leads into Ashley and her husband’s bedroom. Brilliant! The project is still in progress—Ashley intends to paint and polish up the look—but we just love the way it’s turned out so far.

This clever method, devised by Ashley’s brother-in-law, didn’t involve anything super messy or complicated, like cutting through the wall. Instead, he built the bookcase right over the existing doorway and installed hinges to create the secret door.

Just like in all the best spooky mystery stories, the door opens via a latch made to look like a book. A cable attached to the faux book runs down to a simple garden gate latch.

To see more picks of Ashley’s fun Home Hack and learn more details of the construction, check out her post on Craftster.

(Images: Craftster / Ashley Rae)