It’s Aries Season: Here’s Your April Home Horoscope

published Apr 2, 2018
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Sidle up to the starting block and strike a match, astral voyagers. April is Aries Season, and the scintillatingly simmering start of the astrological New Year! It’s go time for both literal and metaphorical Spring cleaning, as you prepare to purge what no longer serves and take an innocent leap into fresh linen sheets.

But before you tear down the walls completely, remember that Mercury is retrograde in Aries for half the month, and Venus shifts into earthy pleasure seeker Taurus. The recipe is a delicious blend of effort and allowing, willpower and compromise.

So throw open the blinds on a brand new day and get ready to begin again. But take it nice and slow, as you feel into just the right rhythm of hustle and flow …

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In the Stars: Happy birthday month, fire babe! April has a special blend of star-kissed magic in store for you as you begin to learn how to truly harness your fire power for the long haul. It’s sometimes forgotten that as the initiator of the entire zodiac, you’re also the freshly hatched baby. Harness your little lamb and celebrate the innocence that exists on the other side of all that experience.

In Your Space: Deck out your space like a Faberge egg, complete with pastel jordan almond shades, softly gilded edges, and plenty of femme-tastic energy, no matter your gender identification. You’re learning to soften and tenderize yourself so make sure your space feels like the inside of a rose and smells just as sweet.

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In the Stars: With Venus entering your sign this month, it’s go time for pure goddess power. This means feeling into how you receive. While we think about receiving as a sweet treat with lots of presents, it’s actually quite challenging to truly just drink in compliments and offerings. Settle into bed and open your arms wide to take in what’s coming to you, without an ounce of shame or hesitation.

In Your Space: This is a designing with the stars moment for you Taurus, and you’re really being asked to make your space into a sumptuous lair that channels the sensation of a honeypot. What would it mean to make your rooms delectably magnetic to passers-by, including yourself? Think chairs you can sink into and never want to leave, cinnamon and vanilla candles, and rugs meant for rolling on.

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In the Stars: Aries energy lights up your zone of radical new futures, and it’s prime time to envision how it might be rather than how it is. With your ruler, Mercury, stationing retro in Aries, it’s also a perfect moment for a confidence check. What old stories have you been telling yourself about what you deserve and what you’re capable of? Upgrade your narratives to upgrade your life.

In Your Space: This is a month for power palettes that help fortify the future vision you want to build. Strip down and streamline your space with a single statement piece or theme per room. Better yet, carry a design accent through your entire home, even if it’s as subtle as a scent or particular kind of material. And lighten it up as much as possible. Remove paintings and knick knacks that feel cluttered so you can have a clear line of sight towards the new you.

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In the Stars: With a pack of “cardinal” moments affecting your sign this month, it’s time to remember that you too are a powerhouse cardinal sign! You are the force of feeling. The flavor of the potent ocean waves. Put these feelings on top and don’t be afraid to make decisions from your gut and heart. Make a daydream believer out of yourself, Cancer.

In Your Space: Think Valentine’s Day meets boardroom. Cherry-colored woods, crushed velvet, black lace, and hard candies in cut crystal goblets. Serve up the sensation that your feeling nature is fit for a Queen, and that there is nothing “weak” about this mode of being. And don’t forget the candelabras.

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In the Stars: With Aries energy entering your zone of adventures on the open road, this is a perfect month for coming undone just a little, and not having to worry about your ego or identity one bit. Trust so deeply in your core that you can loosen it up, switch it up, and try on new looks and approaches with ease and grace.

In Your Space: 60s psychedelics and boho chic are calling your name, little love cat. Swirls, abstract art, tapestries. Anything that makes you feel like you’ve entered a nomadic caravan on your way somewhere unknown. Play with dressing up your on-the-go spaces as well. If you travel by car, trick out your ride with some new dashboard hula dancers.

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In the Stars: It’s a deep diving emo month for you, Virgo, with Aries planets entering your Scorpio-ruled zone of underworld feelings. What would it look like to befriend the beast in you? You’re being asked to explore all sides of yourself and to recognize your shadowy bits as part of your creative force. So get down and dirty, and enjoy the full range of sensation.

In Your Space: Draw inspo from everything from 50s pool halls and opium dens, to Graceland’s jungle room. Play with primal palettes and faux fur fabrics, lacquer, shaggy carpets, and low lighting. Don’t be afraid to plunge into whatever is turning you on, even if it seems a bit “louche” by mainstream tastes.

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In the Stars: With the Sun entering your polarized sign, Aries, this is a month to play with the other end of the axis. Where have you compromised too much? Where do you feel like you’ve overextended into partnerships at the expense of your strong, core self? It’s a month for reclaiming your “I” and getting crystal clear on what you won’t stand for anymore.

In Your Space: If you share your space with someone, don’t be afraid to make a design stand and invite a piece or palette back into your home that you love, regardless of the reception. Play with bold primaries and clarifying your space to feature what’s most important to you. You might literally work with pedestals and altars. And add plenty of reflective surfaces that remind you of the importance of your home’s main inhabitant: you!

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In the Stars: With Aries energy activating your zone of health, body, and daily acts of magic, it’s time to get microscopic and see how you can really support yourself behind the scenes. You’re an astral voyager who loves to dive deep on a psychological plane, and this is a perfect opportunity to dive into your body’s mysteries as well. How could you refine the way you eat, sleep, breathe, and just be, in a way that would support your expansion even further?

In Your Space: Think rustic kitchen meets modern juice shop. Super clean lines, cabinets stocked with elixirs and powders to support your highest evolution, wooden chopping blocks, and sharpened knives. Take your time and work with the details. You might even start with the baseboards or caulking. Nothing is too small for an upgrade or overhaul.

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In the Stars: With Aries flames gracing your zone of passionate play, it’s a month for romance in all its glorious flavors. This starts with romancing yourself, dear Sag. What do you want to dance to? How do you want to feel? Could it all be just a bit simpler, a little more playful? If anyone can inject some adventure into the daily, it’s you. So chase that ice cream truck decked out in your finest party wear.

In Your Space: Don’t think too much when it comes to design this month, Sag. Intuitively gravitate towards playful pieces that simply “spark joy,” in the words of the infamous Marie Kondo. Throw practicality out the wind and give pieces that make you giggle and tingle with excitement pride of place. Saturated colors, Memphis design school plastics (think Saved by the Bell), and fluffy fabrics are your friends.

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In the Stars: With Aries energy tucking in to your zone of emotional roots and private feelings, it’s a month to relax your roll and take some much needed retreat. This is no easy feat for a boss voyager who loves to climb the highest peaks. But this month’s medicine is that you’ve got to fill your own cup first before heading out on the battlefield again. Drink it in.

In Your Space: Get a little reclusive, Cappy, with some heavier than usual curtains and fabric lamp shades. Favor some rich chocolatey palettes and mix them with forest flair that conjures the inside of an ancient tree. Hunter greens, dried flowers, bubble baths, and plenty of palo santo burning are key to getting intimate with yourself.

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In the Stars: Aries planets dance into your zone of thresholds and perception this month, Aquarius, and it’s time to mix up your approach and speak your mind. Consider all of the dazzling interpretations of events before you open your mouth though. You might not be ready to commit to a course of action just yet, and that’s absolutely okay. Standing on the threshold, trust that you’ll know exactly when to take flight.

In Your Space: This is a glorious month to play with the in-between and you can start by quite literally experimenting in your transitional spaces and hallways. Is there an alcove that you might honor in a new way? A runner that can lead you lovingly from one zone to another? Know that these little moments of traveling are just as important as the masterpiece rooms. And make sure to play with color, prints, and patterns without fear of clashing.

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In the Stars: As Aries energy activates your zone of worth and value, it’s a month to reassess what security means to you, Pisces. As one of the zodiac’s most out-there astral voyagers, this isn’t always first on your mind, but now is a delicious time for exploring where you’ve started to feel “unsafe” and what it might mean to create a solid base for yourself. Know that this doesn’t have to feel one bit stifling, and that your wildest visions spring up from this solid ground.

In Your Space: Play with rooted materials in innovative ways. Think rock coasters, marble accents, and bonsai trees. You might also want to consider the question of inheritance, and if you could showcase some familial pieces. Start by exploring antique markets or your own basement. Timeless treasures can help remind you of the long line from which you came.