It’s Leo Season: Here’s Your August Home Horoscope

updated Jul 17, 2020
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Dip it in glitter and prepare for a sequined shimmy back-to-the-future, astral voyagers. This August’s cosmic journey is complete with fully fluffed hearts-on-sleeves, and the challenge of summoning our softness in the face of all that’s hard.

The charge is led by the little lovecat Leo Sun, who travels through the skies for most of the month. Leonine energy presents us with the challenge of simplicity and succulence. How can we bite into the right here, right now, exactly as we are, without needing to shift or tweak one bit?

The other cosmic contenders include a potent mid-month Solar Eclipse, and a pack of planets traveling retrograde. These messengers remind us that our egos might be through with parts of our past patterning, but the past isn’t always through with us.

So draw back your window sashes, air out your carpets, and trust that the sunlight can self-clean your closets without you having to sweat it out to purge your dustiest ghosts.

(Image credit: Kath Nash)

In the Stars: Happy birthday month, glitter kitten! Buff it, gloss it, and shine on in all your vulnerability. You’re coming into a mastery with heart-fueled generosity, and learning to balance giving with receiving in a major way this month. Notice exactly where you’re feeling depleted and where your cells are alive and tingling, and give more, more, more to the latter. Letting your energy ebb and flow to a natural beat will bring out your most glorious disco dances.

In Your Space: Let it be easy, breezy this August, and really attend to the routes through your space. Where are furniture pieces, objects, or prints “blocking” the energy of finding its groove? Clear away clutter and streamline walkways with decadent runners that led you fully strut without any sense of stuckness.

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In the Stars: With the Sun traveling through your Pisces-ruled dream palace this month, and Mars retro entering fellow earth sign Capricorn, there’s a delicious release available to you if you let yourself be a vessel for magic, Virgo. This means releasing as much judgement as possible and simply showing up. Consider yourself a channel and open wide for hits of inspo.

In Your Space: Model your space after a Georgia O’Keeffe style, Southwestern artist’s atelier this month. Cactus plants. Clay pots. See-through curtains. You’re dreaming and scheming right now, Virgo, but you’re using the earth wisdom of the ground under your feet to get there. Let your space feel both cloud-like and rooted in reality.

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In the Stars: With the Sun wandering through your far-out Aquarius zone of boundary pushing, and Venus traveling through your sign for most of the month, there’s an aspirational quality to August for you. But this isn’t about scrambling towards old ideals that no longer fit you like second skin. Check old dreams against your current vibration and remember that whatever your sweating it out for should feel damn good.

In Your Space: Think subtly palatial this month, Libra. Some gold candlesticks. A marble side table. Reflective surfaces and statement flowers. Keep it streamlined, simple, and clean, so you can create plenty of headspace for imagining all possible worlds.

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In the Stars: As the Sun slides across the self-sufficient badass region of your chart, you’re taking a seat at your own boardroom table this month Scorpio, and showing us all who’s boss. But let the Leonine sparkle and glow soften any hard edges and power plays. Can you lead from your vulnerable heart space and a true desire to bring your best forward, rather than a scrambling sense of trying to lock it down for fear of losing control?

In Your Space: Let yourself settle into your space in every sense of the word, Scorpio. What design accents would make you feel like you can simply abide inside and feel truly supported? Think lush leather couches, and plush, dense rugs that you can fully sink your toes into. Harness the potency of rustic accents like natural woods to remind you that it’s your birthright to be here, without any need to prove it.

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In the Stars: Throw your hands in the air, wild pony and wave them like you absolutely care. With the Sun sliding through your zone of radical faith and unbridled voyaging, this is a month for re-upping the trust in your ability to leap without looking and lead the pack by joyously rolling the dice. Let the spark of unknown destinations be your only itinerary.

In Your Space: Let it fully loose, Sag, and don’t be afraid of a little bit of mess. Some unmanaged clutter can produce creative possibilities this month, so go crazy with the color swatches, and mix and match prints. Letting yourself become fully immersed in the design process will refuel your belief that all good things come from letting it come undone.

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In the Stars: With Mars retrograde entering your sign this month, your roll is slowing considerably, as you take all the time you need to align your actions with your inner core. Really let yourself grow lustrous and relish this change of pace. Trust that more “being” and less doing is your only agenda, and simply let it all unfold around you like delicious blossoms.

In Your Space: Get inspired by garden and beachy accents that remind you of the earth’s trust in its own pace. Fat bunches of juicy roses. Seashell soap dishes. Driftwood and tomato-scented candles. Salt-kissed turquoise palettes. Let your space feel both rythmic and rooted, as you rise to meet the road as it unfurls at your feet.

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In the Stars: With the Sun traveling through your hearts and flowers partnership zone, it’s a month for loving up on exactly what you find beautiful in the external world and leading this lead you back home to a sense of self care. Know that your tastes and proclivities are a glorious reflection of what you need deep down inside, and reclaim qualities you “project” onto others as parts of yourself, too.

In Your Space: Imagine that you’re designing your space for a beloved partner or friend. How would you want this person to feel held by the furniture and color palettes? You might find that you go “softer” than you would for yourself. Let this sense of supportive softness inform the fabrics and shades you choose. Know that you fully deserve to feel tucked in and supported by your space.

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In the Stars: As the Sun travels through your zone of subtle unfolding, and behind-the-scenes stardust, August is meant for finding magic in the mundane, Pisces. Start with your body, in all its finery, and ask yourself what you can give it, moment by moment, to create the safest container for your wildest longings. With Mars shifting backwards from your zone of deep dreaming into your future-charged arena of making it happen, you’re coming in for a landing and prepping to launch major projects. Give yourself the grounding you need to make it happen.

In Your Space: Draw inspo from retreat centers and spas this month, Pisces, as you invite the concept of wellness into your four walls. Clean lines and stripped-down natural accents are your key to clarity. You might start by choosing elemental inspo room by room, centering your bath space around water, and connecting your kitchen to earth, for example. Let each room be a full sanctuary that springs from its function.

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In the Stars: You’ve been a bit battle-worn lately, Aries, as Mars retrograde has urged you into a mastery with all that you cannot control or effort. Let August be your tropical vacay from all of this schooling, as the Sun enters your fluffed and buffed zone of passion and pleasure. Lubricate your life, creating greater ease and lazy days wherever you can. When in doubt, pick the option that feels good.

In Your Space: Deck the halls with Hawaiian sunsets, Aries. Your space should feel like a beachside bungalow, or high-end hotel this month, fit for pure pleasure and being served. Think tiki accents, coconut scents, and breakfast in bed. And make sure that work spaces are well-boundaried so that the bulk of your space can truly feel like a perpetual house party.

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In the Stars: With Leonine energy sinking into the deep waters of your emotional security zone, and your sign’s ruler, Venus, entering the aspirational pastures of Libra, August marks a month for you to get crystal clear on what you’re feeding yourself in every sense of the word. What are you taking in, in the form of relationships, narratives, and projects, that are truly nourishing you? Let every snack be truly supportive.

In Your Space: It’s a gorgeous month for some design nostalgia, as you get grounded in what’s meant to support you for the long haul. Rejoice in flea market finds and family heirlooms, as you carefully craft a space that reflects your faith that you deserve to stand on solid ancestral ground. Frame your photos, polish your china, and rejoice in sense of being part of something much bigger than yourself.

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In the Stars: It’s playtime for you this month, Gemstone, as the Sun slides into your curiosity zone. You’re exactly where you long to be, colliding with all prismatic possibilities and sampling the flavors. However, with your ruler, Mercury, traveling retrograde for most of the month, there’s a sense of solitude in all this wandering. Let your curiosity spring from your own heart, as you let your explorations lead you back to the center of what lights you up.

In Your Space: Let your space be a reflection of exactly where you are in this moment, with whatever is dazzling you. Think back to your high school bedroom, completely covered in mood boards and music posters, and let some of these innocent teenage aesthetics shape your design approach. Think bunkbeds, caboodles, and primary palettes.

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In the Stars: Last month’s cosmic birthday bash starting to awaken your creative sparkle and glow, and with the Sun entering your zone of worthiness and solid gold chocolate treats, August is the time to make good on this creative promise. You can push the edges of your exposure comfort zone easily right now, little mermaid, and relish revealing bits of your secret diary to your trusted tribe.

In Your Space: You’re learning that you have the inherent right to take up exactly how much space you need and want with total ease. Let your space reflect this breezy bigness with full-length mirrors and statement art pieces. You might even experiment with some completely color saturated walls in a shade you’ve always loved but thought was “too much.” Know that your own more-than-enoughness can lead the design charge.