It’s Aquarius Season: Here’s Your February 2019 Home Horoscope

updated Jul 30, 2020
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Throw back the blinds and flip on your light switches, astral voyagers. February 2019 injects our lairs with the spirit of liberation, as Aquarius energy catalyzes ground-shaking change and radical shifts in spatial perspective. Existing on the edge of what’s possible, this cosmic season asks us to make leaps without looking, having faith that the fluffiest pillows will rise to meet us.

Coming off of January’s eclipse cycle, we’ve learned how to cultivate a sense of sure-footed sparkling self-expression that serves the collective. What can only you bring forward? What signature pieces and color palettes are yours alone for the styling? With mover and shaker Mars entering lusciously worthy Taurus, and pleasure mistress Venus traveling through badass queen of boundaries, Capricorn, it’s a season to fête your flair and fall in love with your whole life history, rolling the dice with the risk tolerance that only experience can bring.

It’s a month for scooping it out and washing yourself clean, unbolting your furniture from the floor and letting it all be just a little bit lighter. So vault your ceilings and sample the view from far above. With nothing left to lose, you’ve got everything to give.

(Image credit: Kath Nash)

In the Stars: After last month’s explorations into the aspects of limitation, you’re ready to boldly go where no astral voyager has gone before, content to break the molds and smash the ceilings. As you embolden yourself for your birthday season leap, remember what it’s all for, Aquarius. You are the zodiac’s unlikely healer, affecting collective shifts through creative visualizations that the rest of us can’t even imagine. Reclaim this status as a visionary and be ready to birth the worlds that the world most needs now.

In Your Space: Clear the sightlines in your space and let it all feel as expansive as possible, Aquarius. Take doors off the hinges that impede the flow. Purge heavy objects and swap them for driftwood and fairy lights. Remove paintings and experiment with blank walls. Focus on rooms that are overly full and strip these down to relative bareness, content to let certain spaces abide in the in-between, ready for their makeovers. Everywhere you look and sit should serve equal parts inspiration and emptiness, allowing you just enough space to insert your own imagination into the mix.

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In the Stars: This month, touchy-feely planet Chiron finally departs your sign, and you’re invited to celebrate exactly where you are on your emotional journey. You sometimes shy away from granting yourself a seat at the table, and February wants to remind you that you don’t have to be fully “fixed” to be a vital force. In fact Pisces, the places that feel most tender to the touch are exactly what you’re here to bring forward. Shine on in your softest superhero suit, sweet fishy of the sea.

In Your Space: What do you wish was different in your lair? Maybe it’s water pressure that’s never quite strong enough. Or the north-facing light in a room where you want more warmth. Feel into these longings, Pisces, and practice letting them be. In fact, love them even harder. Rather than railing against the slow drip of water, light candles and draw a bath. Invite low light plant life into that chillier room, and watch them grow with glee. Let this process of loving up on the so-called “broken” things be a balm for your own tender spirit.

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In the Stars: What if you didn’t need to be the one and only who could make it or break it? After all your recent lessons in slower rolls and strategic force, this month brings the sweet gift of collective circulation, as you’re invited to participate fully rather than having to sign your name alone to the initiative. Notice the origins of any discomfort this might bring up around your right to exist and the strength of your identity. What if you could trust so fully in your own potency that you could give it up and turn it loose to the crowd completely? Collaborate and collide, Aries.

In Your Space: Experiments in camouflage are your keys to liberation this month. Let statement pieces and bold colors take a backseat, and delight in the softer sensations of blending and mingling. Embrace the “basics” even if they feel boring at first, and let their flair come forward more subtly. Think taupe animal prints, woven baskets, and black and white geometrics. Trust in the nuance that gently invigorates rather than red sirens its way through.

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In the Stars: You’ve been in a mastery with transformation, Taurus, and it’s high time you gave yourself the right to return to some creature comforts amidst all of the changes. As you prep for Uranus’ re-entry into your sign in March, take this month to delight in standing your ground, despite the inevitable shifts. As your ruler, Venus, shifts into Capricorn, it’s time to up the ante on your self worth, only admitting in what’s of highest haute value. What’s been slipping through the cracks that’s sucking your energy dry? Don’t be afraid to check lack of quality at the front door.

In Your Space: This is a deliciously stripped down month for you, and you can start with venerating prize furniture pieces, and investing in gorgeous flair that’s truly built to last. Start by checking in with what fuels your tastes, and purging anything that’s trendy but not fully aligned. Think solid materials and classic style, and treat your space like a museum of self, where each piece and palette is evidence of the legacy you’d like to leave. Invest in the objets d’art that nourish your body and your soul.

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In the Stars: After last month’s learnings around maturity and greater control, you’re primed for making power moves fueled by the slightest glint on the horizon, Gemini. Hone your focus, and start practicing your craft. What can you move towards right now that’s inchoate but deeply compelling? And how can you minimize distraction and tunnel in on all you want to birth into being? Turn your full body and full attention towards what feels good to attend to. It’s a month for lining it up and knocking it down, Gemstone. Get obsessed.

In Your Space: Treat your space like an artist’s atelier this month, and let it be messy and in process, but also wholly yours for giving over to projects and passions. Leave a paper trail between rooms. Cordon off space in your bedroom for making and creating. Let it feel both experimental, and like a happy hermitage that’s completely dedicated to your own dreaming and scheming. Think whiteboards and white walls that are ready to be splashed, see-through cabinets of scrapbook supplies, and lightbulbs aglow.

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In the Stars: Your keyword this month is “detachment,” Cancer, but don’t let it frighten you. Rather than a complete shutdown of emotion or a cold calculation, this is an invitation towards more simplicity, space, and freedom in your life. You will always be one of the deepest astro feelers in the sea, sweet one. This month’s energy just reminds you that alongside all of those touchy-feelies, you can ride in your glass-bottomed boat, content to watch them circulate without always having to plunge to the ocean floor to chase them.

In Your Space: Levity is your design bestie this month, Cancer, and you’re encouraged to fluff, buff, and rid yourself of anything that would make you break a sweat if you moved it up a flight of stairs. Imagine, in fact, that you’re preparing to move, whether or not you are, and streamline from this place of stripped down weightlessness, and worthy design decision-making. What is truly fit to come with? Clean your sheets, dig into the closet, and cultivate literal and physical space between yourself and even your most prized possessions.

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In the Stars: Aquarius is your “opposite” sign, Glitter Kitten, here to bring powerful lessons in perspective and to remind you that your specialness never needs to be proven. Take this month to delight in stepping back into the crowd, reminding yourself that you can keep the beat in your own, distinctive way, without having to always sign the solos. Let yourself loosen and get lost in the collective rhythm, swaying to the sensation that your singular identity is a given rather than something you need to constantly take.

In Your Space: Monochrome can teach you quite a lot this month, Leo. Start with colorblocking in rooms, and feeling into the various shades that produce a spatial symphony when they come together. Let furniture pieces meet up and merge. Think sectional sofas, love seats, and daybeds. It’s a perfect month for home swaps as well, letting these translocations remind you of the range of design perspectives. Airbnb your way to a lighter hold on the hard edges of yourself.

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In the Stars: With all this clear seeing circulating in the cosmos right now, things can get a little brittle for you, Virgo. You are naturally attuned to witness the cracks and fissures, and to try and fill them, but this month wants you to move towards a softer gaze and a greater sense of allowing. Celebrate the perfection in imperfection. Let things lie exactly where they are. And find delight in creating new shapes out of this radical release, remembering that realism can be the stuff that dreams are made of.

In Your Space: Softer edges and lowlights are your spatial friends, Virgo. Let your approach feel like a mixture of kid-proofing and romantic dinner. Buffers on hard counter contours. Fluffy rugs to land on. Luxe tablecloths. Lacy shades on lamps. And while you’re at it, practice leaving a project undone. Maybe it’s unfinished furniture surfacing, or a corner of the room you keep thinking needs more work. What if you could just sit back and let it be, learning to listen to your space’s language before you insert yourself in the conversation?

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In the Stars: While you sometimes have a tendency to toe the line, rationalizing away impulses towards eccentricity, February wants you to get weirder, Libra. Follow the hint of a radical path all the way down. Capitalize on the work you did last month getting comfy standing alone, and risk going all the way “out there” on a whim, without having to explain yourself to a single soul. You are learning to trust in your own code and feel into your personal flavor, Libra. Let it all taste wondrously strange.

In Your Space: It’s a magic month for design risks, and this starts with a willingness to “screw up” in order to learn that there truly are no mistakes. Start by following impulses. Make a random purchase that’s “not your style.” Throw some paint on the wall and see how it sticks. Let yourself be in process, Libra, and turn down the volume on what the neighbors think. Take yourself to the edges of “poor taste,” and let these experiments in chintz and tacky glory liberate any stuffy spots in your spirit.

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In the Stars: You’re one of the zodiac’s premiere rebels, Scorpio, and February wants you to rev your engine and hit the road, fully tantalized by your own status as a transformer. Dig into the earth that needs to be turned over and delight in the radical release of uprooting. This doesn’t need to be all or nothing, and needn’t feel like a breakdown to breakthrough. What if your relationship to change could be incrementally celebratory, as you renovate piece-by-piece, moment-by-moment? Trust that you can turn it over without scorching the earth completely.

In Your Space: Start with the subtlest of shifts in your space, Scorpio. Maybe it’s swapping the blooms in a treasured vase. Or changing up the scent of your usual hand soap. Let these micromovements beget macro emotional 180s over time. Your space is a stop motion laboratory right now, and the environment is ripe for watching things grow. Start an herb garden in your window. Invest in a lava lamp. Or simply move your usual comfy chair a little to the left, letting the light at each hour of the day wash over you, completely anew and alive with possibility.

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In the Stars: After last month’s exercises in deep grounding, February finds you back out on the prowl, ready to push your pedal down and skyrocket towards future visions. The lesson, here, Sag, is to make sure that these dreams and plans are serving your core self. You can tell the difference in motivation by the flavor of heat you feel when you envision these actions. Anything that’s sweaty or scrambly simply has to go, in service of the well-chosen maneuvers that you cannot stop from spilling out because they’re truly aligned with your soul.

In Your Space: Get magical and mystical by transforming your space into a dynamic altar that honors your core self. This starts with connecting to the styles and tastes that have traveled alongside you through thick and thin. What have you gotten away from that you used to love? What did your teen self‘s mood board look like? Sift through old photos of your past lairs and draw inspo from the inside out, letting every corner and cabinet commit to the enduring values that have never left your side.

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In the Stars: After the cleansing spirit of your birthday month, February brings a sense of stillness and deep restoration, Cappy. Let yourself simply abide in the in-between, and celebrate the closing of any cycles that are on their way out the door. Beyond the most obvious occasions, we very seldom give proper honors to the seasons of our lives. With pleasure planet Venus entering your sign, it’s a magic moment for giving yourself this rite of passage. Plan a personal wedding or graduation for one, and rest on the ground that only you could have traveled.

In Your Space: Bring this stillness and ceremony to your space, Cappy, by minimizing spatial distractions, and imagining that your lair was a honeymoon getaway. Start by lowering the lights and upping the thread count, creating the sensual environment that feels most like a sweet reward. Let your space transform into a private after party for one, complete with your most favorite scents, colors, and textures hat are most fit for holding you and majestically honoring just how far you’ve come.