It’s Gemini Season: Here’s Your June 2019 Home Horoscope

published Jun 6, 2019
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Credit: Kath Nash

Let the windchimes go wild and swap out your screens, astral voyagers. June’s cosmic butterfly dance soars on the wings of Gemini energy, and the invitations for curiosity, collaboration, and circulation are perpetually available. The zodiac’s rainbow prism, Gemini asks us to honor thresholds and crossings, and to feel into the faith that synchronicities will arise without us having to lift a finger.

Start by considering where you’ve hardened into a storyline. A tale of how you and others are or will be. About what’s possible. With fast talking Mercury shifting into its home sign of Gemini as well, it’s a moment to swap out stuck narratives for karaoke style dance moves, keeping in mind and heart the kind of landscape you long to birth into being, but can’t yet see.

With Neptune and Jupiter influences running strong mid-month, and a Sagittarius Full Moon upping the ante on risk taking, it’s a moment to consider where your life might be falling into place entirely of its own accord. Loosening our grip may also mean speaking it all into being, so get ready to smoke out those secret diary entries and shout your as-of-yet untold truths to the world.

Treat your space like a perpetually sliding door, astral voyagers, attuned to the in-between and shifting to greet serendipity and chance as the light and temperature change. Not needing to know contains its own, unknowable medicine. And sometimes the breeze is best savored with your eyes closed.

Credit: Kath Nash

Gemini & Gemini Rising

In the Stars: After falling back in love with the original tastes and flavors of your teenage self last month, Gemstone, you’re ready to let sunshine flood your rooms without having to worry about understanding its source or wondering if it will last. It’s a deliciously expansive birthday month for really harnessing your capacity to find the stable inside of the seemingly unstable, and to keep looking under rocks for secret messages, without having to wonder about the locked and loaded happily-ever-after. Treat the month like a treasure hunt, and stay wide open for clues.

In Your Space: Let each room and crossing between them serve as portals for your own expansion. Pick up clutter that impedes your movement. Leave doors open that you might usually shut. Swap out your welcome mats and bath mats for fresh landings, and let every spatial moment feel like a new arrival. Leave yourself a trail of little love notes tucked into unexpected spaces, and pay attention to jewel boxes and cabinetry. Let your lair become a faberge easter egg as you delight in a constant unfolding.

Credit: Kath Nash

Cancer & Cancer Rising

In the Stars: May marked a powerful moment for learning you didn’t need to carry it all, Cancer, and that in fact, you can match your mojo to your destiny when you practice exfoliating outmoded ways of being. June asks you to build on that clarity as you feel into your own distinction. What can only you bring to the table? Where might you fear stepping up and out of a sense of isolation? With mover and shaker Mars traveling through your sign, the medicine might very well be found in sharing the slightly uncomfy with others, so you can stand even more fully in your sense of self.

In Your Space: It’s a yellow and gold-kissed month in your space, Cancer, and you’re asked to consider the contours and edges, and let your lair truly shine. What’s been hidden away that’s longing to be showcased? Furniture polish your feelings and place them on mantles and end tables, letting your environment be a calling card for your inner emotional life. While you’re at it, allow your accomplishments to take pride of place. Frame a diploma or a love letter, and let your fridge become covered in accolades without needing to humble yourself to anyone.

Credit: Kath Nash

Leo & Leo Rising

In the Stars: After May’s celebratory Spring naptime sesh, you’re invited to move into June firmly in the glow of your eternal flame, Glitter Kitten. And this means that you’re being asked to share more and more of what brings you alive, without any proprietary sense of it having to belong to you. Generosity is your guiding ethos, and cultivating faith in the fact that you can’t be depleted will fuel your capacity to share the fire. What could you give away without it feeling like a loss, dearest Lion?

In Your Space: This is prime yard sale energy, Leo, and you might literally stage a weekend long party of purging. But rather than items you long to discard, try throwing some treasured purchases into the mix that you know might serve someone elsewhere as well as or better than they do you. The more you give the more you get right now, so let it be a month where you delight in spatial makeovers of friend’s pads and treating your own haven like a bed and breakfast. Let every space you travel through feel like a potluck or picnic, and be prepared to leave your dishes behind.

Credit: Kath Nash

Virgo & Virgo Rising

In the Stars: May found you learning to cultivate greater trust in the natural processes underlying your own evolution, as you let your “nos” liberate even juicier fruits. June’s magic medicine is found through continued shifts in consciousness, and you’re invited to let your carefully honed instincts in the body produce mental changes as well. What if you only had to make the subtlest adjustment to facilitate megawatt change, Virgo? Embrace the belief that the way you do the simplest things will vibrate out into the bigger waves of transformation.

In Your Space: Take bonsai gardening as your key inspiration for June, Virgo, and let your attention to divine detail amplify your own sense of deservedness. This may mean just focusing on one corner of a room, or even a single cabinet shelf for starters. Treat your space like a dollhouse in process and give the tiniest bits of invaluable love to the wallpaper, or a small item that could change the entire dynamic. Letting yourself embrace the partial and the not yet “done” is your gateway to seeing yourself as a vital part of the whole.

Credit: Kath Nash

Libra & Libra Rising

In the Stars: May invited you to touch in softly with your sweet heart, Libra, and to hold yourself tenderly as you incubated a new cycle. With June’s sensitized air energy on its way, you’re beckoned to speak up and speak out, letting all of the clarity you’ve gleaned be put to good use. Do you know that your words can be a healing for others? And that you can interrupt cycles that are keeping you small by simply saying “no” and choosing to turn in another direction? It’s a month to make magic happen with your mouth, Libra, and to let your body follow suit. Choose your songs wisely.

In Your Space: You’re invited to draw design inspo from Victorian conservatories, birdhouses, and hothouses this month, and to let these remind you of both carefully chosen seedlings and uncaged sharings. It’s all part of the process of embracing what wants to come through you, Libra, so don’t be afraid to mix and match small florals with big blooming prints. You might even commingle diverse foliage, playing with autumn leaves and pumpkin candles in the midst of late Spring rose petals. Let the seasons of your life collide.

Credit: Kath Nash

Scorpio & Scorpio Rising

In the Stars: May was tending time for you, Scorpio, as you invested in the smallest glimmers of a brand new way of being. Consider June your re-commitment ceremony, but without a trace of hardness. What if standing up and standing your ground to pledge allegiance to something didn’t have to feel difficult? What if you could simply move to the rhythm of your desire, knowing that your only effort had to be continually turning in the direction of what you wanted? Let June feel like lining up to take the shot, your eye on the prize, without even having to release the bow.

In Your Space: Play with the concept of easeful dedication by marking parts of your territory for particular functions. This doesn’t mean you have to follow the rules, but just that by declaring that there won’t be tech in the bedroom, or that the kitchen should always be scented with flowers, you are invited an intention to take root and take up space. Let the colors you play with be fully saturated, and draw inspo from hunting lodges and after dinner pool rooms that promise assured success without breaking a sweat.

Credit: Kath Nash

Sagittarius & Sagittarius Rising

In the Stars: Coming off of May’s zen den energy of contemplative stillness, June’s energy quickens the pace, Sag, and you’re asked to utilize all of this grounding you’ve gleaned to slide instead of scramble. Anything that’s being initiated is absolutely for you, wild Pony, and all you have to do is walk up and greet it, raising your nose to its opening the way you would sniff a flower. Vulnerability is a key part of your pleasure process. Let yourself be fully present and docile as you rise to meet what’s arriving, modeling your movements after a baby fawn rather than a race horse.

In Your Space: No matter your age, consider how you might incorporate some nursery chic into your habitat, letting the spaces that surround you feel softer and more innocent. Think silken sheets, pastel palettes, adult mobiles, and gentle sound machines. Prepare yourself to gracefully greet the new pace that’s coming by styling parts of your lair after an upscale waiting room. Little bowls of candy and treats. Sumptuous lifestyle mags on the coffee tables. Know that your readiness relies on relaxation, as you calmly anticipate whatever packages might arrive from beyond the front door.  

Credit: Kath Nash

Capricorn & Capricorn Rising

In the Stars: After May’s call to clarify what truly nourished you and develop some sensual staying power, June’s energy lifts and lightens, reminding you of your capacity to chameleon creatively. Whether or not you feel particularly “mystical,” remember that your magic can be made simply by taking what’s in front of you and infusing it with your own kind of artistry. Whether this is shifting the energy of a partnership by placing a hand on someone’s shoulder, or walking into a challenging meeting with your shoulders wide and open, know that you can harness whatever weather is here, Cappy, and turn it to sunlight.

In Your Space: Let the energy in your home feel like a mutable mood ring this month, and fashion your palettes and materials after iridescent soap bubbles and chrome nail polish. Start with areas of your space that catch the most light and excitedly exploit them, putting new greenery in these corners, and hanging prisms and crystal pendants that refract the rainbow. And notice the subtlety of your own spatial magic, as one small sprig of lavender or a new light bulb could alter the feeling tone of an entire room.

Credit: Kath Nash

Aquarius & Aquarius Rising

In the Stars: After May’s powerful pattern breaking energy urged you to follow bodily instincts in ways that felt both buoyant and bold, June beckons you to fully fête your signature flair. While you’re often given over to dreaming and scheming in the name of the collective, it’s a moment to consider where you can give more credence to your own particular, self-driven specifications, and to remember that you incarnated exactly as you are, for a reason. Do you know that you’re absolutely irreplaceable, Aquarius? Let the need to defend give way to a faith that nothing you are can be stolen.

In Your Space: Start with a swatch of your truest colors. Which paint chips look most like what it feels inside of you right now, sans judgement or constriction? Does the bathroom actually want to be the purple of candied violets? Is a neon lemon bedroom ceiling speaking to your soul? The visual is key for you this month, and you can begin to map your internal landscapes through external shades. As you consider your sightlines, gift or repurpose inherited items that don’t fit your own life experience. Your lair should feel aesthetically autobiographical.

Credit: Kath Nash

Pisces & Pisces Rising

In the Stars: May’s megawatt magic invited you to leap into expansion and even if you’re still poised on the precipice as June arrives, Pisces, it’s a powerful month for considering exactly what kind of future vision you want to incubate. You’re the zodiac’s most cloud-puffed dreamer, but how exactly are you tending to these visions? Treat your fantasy agenda the same way you would a pragmatic to-do list, but don’t worry about the linear accomplishment of these dreamy wants, Pisces. They’re developing a life of their own and all you have to do is keep cultivating your capacity to see them in your mind’s eye to make it happen.   

In Your Space: Find a corporate meets cosmic style in your lair; pair leather sofas with rainbow throws, let a salt lamp become a centerpiece, or lay down a gold-threaded rug with plenty of pillows fit for lounging and letting your visions emerge. The sky is literally the limit for you right now, and you’re encouraged to swap out ceiling fans and hang mobiles. As you envision your next unfolding, be particularly attentive to what’s hanging on the walls. Let artwork and photographs become your crystal ball, and mood board your way into your next maneuvers.

Credit: Supriya

Aries & Aries Rising

In the Stars: After May’s precious pause, June arrives all buzzy and winged, firing up your urge to make it happen. And while you don’t need to deny this desire to leap into action, you’re also invited to consider swapping tunnel vision for a “more is more” philosophy. What do you think must be smashed through or removed entirely in order for you to make it happen?” What singular outcome is keeping you from seeing the beauty on the side of the road? It’s a month for befriending the places inside of you that you feel must be fixed, and treating them as your secret superpowers.

In Your Space: Don’t be afraid to leave what you most want to purge in place, Aries. What exactly is compelling you to get those items gone from your closet? Why do you feel like you can’t live without a lighting change? Actually sit with any sticky spots that you want to swap and give them your sweetest attention. Pay special credence to the magic of your bathroom; think romantic candles on ledges and little bowls of fresh herbs. Allow yourself to sink into the bubbly waters of your entire being without having to shower it away.

Credit: Kath Nash

Taurus & Taurus Rising

In the Stars: May initiated you into a new style of movement, Taurus, encouraging you to let go of the lines and liberate your need for step-by-step outcomes. June’s energy furthers this work, but this time it shifts into the rhythm of your heart. Is it possible that forgiveness is more valuable than force right now? What does relaxation truly mean to you, Taurus? Let your body be the first and only check in place for your every move, letting vulnerability be your call to arms and ungripping on a positively cellular level. Dedicate each day to moving directly towards what’s downy soft.

In Your Space: Whether or not you have actual little ones running loose in your lair, take cues from child-proofing techniques to ensure that your landscape doesn’t aggress you on any level. Each fabric should feel as much like lotion as possible. Each color a meditative invitation to exhale rather than agitate. Start by drawing inspo from your slippers or robe, and let your design feel silken. Pay special attention to draping and dressings, and let gauzy curtains be your invitation to both melt your gaze, and liberate the light that simply wants to pass through.